Want To Ruin Your Health? Just Eat Lots Of This

 February 25, 2013

Want To Ruin Your Health? Just Eat Lots Of This Last weekend I went on a cleaning spree and started cleaning my office of old junk that no longer served a purpose. I have not done this in a long time so you can imagine what a job it was. In fact, I’m still working […]

Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You

 February 22, 2013

Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You Every so often, you hear how someone gets a message out to the public and you wonder, how did they do it without getting fired, black balled, or sued. Martin Makary, M.D., M.P.H. is just one such person. He works with John Hopkins hospital and is the author of […]

Are You Eating Fake Food?

 February 22, 2013

Are You Eating Fake Food? I just found out that there is a nonprofit scientific organization called the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), (not to be mistaken for the United States Postal service). If you do not already know about it, I think you will find this interesting and helpful for you and your family. Remember, […]

Instant Happiness

 February 20, 2013

Instant Happiness No one ever says, “No I do not want to be happy or have success in life”. We all want to become happier. Now the question is, what can make us happier? Recently I came across this short video with a few suggestions. The video explained that over the last forty years it has been […]

It Now Has A Purpose

 February 20, 2013

It Now Has A Purpose As long as I can remember, I have always been told that the appendix has no purpose. In medical school the professors even taught us that the appendix had no purpose and it didn’t matter if people had it removed. Hmm, wonder why God saw fit to put such a useless thing within the human […]

Baby Boomers, Technology Rules Again!

 February 19, 2013

Baby Boomers, Technology Rules Again! Ok Baby Boomers, listen up. Technology rules again! The Social Security Administration has new rules starting now in 2013. The two year payroll tax cut has officially ended. The Social Security check will become extinct because it will no longer be printed. There will be more online services. There will […]

Are You A Lefty?

 February 19, 2013

Are You A Lefty? As any mother would say, I have the best son. His father and I would have never expected that he would be left handed. His father was right handed and I am ambidextrous favoring my right hand. There had been many complaints to us concerning my son’s left handed abilities. For […]


 January 30, 2013

HOPEFUL QUOTES “Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet.” ~Michael Douglas More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer, and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possiblity of living beyond cancer.” ~Sheryl Crow It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and […]

Eat That Tumor Away!

 January 24, 2013

Eat That Tumor Away! We all know that there are just as many types of chemotherapy drugs as there are different types of cancers. Or at least it seems that way when the doctor states, “That chemo drug didn’t do what we expected so let’s try another one that is suppose to be good”. In other words, […]

There Goes The X-ray!

 January 23, 2013

A news release by McKesson Speciality Health to physicians just came out today, January 21,2013, concerning health care budget cuts for oncology practices. Their team stated that “Our innovative Practice Services team wants to make you aware that with the recent passing of the Biden-McConnell compromise by Congress that averted the fiscal cliff, there are […]