Safe Toys and Gifts Month 2015

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This year, December is the month for Safe Toys and Gifts and this aims to raise awareness promoting the education and safety of toys. Many times, toys can be the cause of injuries in children and this is the month to be aware of this fact. Prevent Blindness America is the organization that has established December to be Safe Toys and Gifts Month.

The Importance of Toy Safety

Business can help promoting the importance of safe gifts and toys by working with a resource center called EmbroidMe in developing products customized and emblazoned with the green emblem of Prevent Blindness. This can then be passed around to clients and staff. There are many items that are child friendly by EmobroidMe and this includes picture books, art supplies that are kid friendly, foam puzzles, sunglasses that glow in the dark and stuffed plush animals. Every toy features the theme of child safety which should go a long way towards keeping the safety of toys at the forefront of the minds of people.

Raise Awareness

The organization is looking for increasing campaign awareness. If you are a business or an individual who is interested in participating, you might want to become involved. This can be done through sponsoring a toy drive, donating toys, donating boxes or sponsoring events. The aim is to donate as many toys as possible to kids in need. The toys need to pass standards of safety set by the ASTM.

Gift Buying and Selection

Anyone with small children including grandparents and parents needs to be informed about risks when purchasing gifts and toys. When you update yourself with the latest and keep on the lookout for specified labels about safety before you buy, this can prevent and reduce injuries that are related to toys. When buying young kids gifts, parents need to educate themselves about the set of skills and the appropriate range of age for every child. This month is for adults to become more aware of what measures to take when buying toy gifts for their kids’ well being. This is particularly of importance during the holiday season by monitoring gifts and toys that are being received and given.

Measures to Take

In order for you to find out whether or not toys are safe for the age of your child, there are a few things you can do.

Make sure that you give equipment for sports along with gear for protection, such as a helmet with roller blades. Find labels assuring toys have been ATSM inspected which means that the standards have been met set by the American Society for Testing and Material. Diligently inspect the toys kids get as a gift. Check if they are developmentally appropriate, are the right skill level and are for the right age. Do this before you allow your child to play with the toy. Select toys that appeal to various sensorial awareness such as texture, movement and sound. Consider toys that are interactive so that your child develops social skills.

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