Can Our Body Really Heal Itself?

 July 19, 2019

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just tell ourselves to be healed! Maybe we can. Years ago you heard about people having spontaneous remissions. How did that happen? The body healed itself someway. I feel that we now live in such a “fearful” world that we forget how we were created. Every cell in […]

Beta Blocker & Cancer

 July 18, 2019

I am always reading, talking to scientist and researchers about what can we use to help fight cancer for our patients at New Hope Unlimited. I love to report on new things and ideas for combating cancer. I just wish I could report more on natural remedies but the studies are very slow to come […]

What Works?

 July 17, 2019

We have a tendency to self treat when relief is needed, but before this is done you need to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before trying any home remedy.  Every drug or herb works differently so if you take prescription, over-the-counter meds, or go to the health food store, keep in mind that many […]

Some Carbs To Live Longer

 July 16, 2019

Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer for Live Science, gives some information that eating some carbs, but not too many, could help us live longer according to a new study.    We hear of high carbs and low carbs, but medium carbs is something new! A large study is suggesting that eating carbohydrates in moderation may be best […]

Odd Medicine of 2018

 July 15, 2019

We always hear of weird or odd things happening to other people but we never think certain things could happen to us. There were case reports during 2018 describing conditions of individual patients that can help doctors better understand rare diseases or spot unusual signs of common conditions.  Some of the strangest cases reported from […]

New Drug Sponge

 July 14, 2019

I found a new article written by Maria Cohut and fact checked by Isabel Godfrey about a new drug sponge that may reduce chemo’s toxic effects.  An innovative and personalized absorber that can catch the toxic chemo drugs when they leak out of a treated organ has been developed by researchers.  This absorber could help […]

Breath Test for Cancer

 July 11, 2019

Maria Cohut has published an article, fact checked by Jasmin Collier, telling us about a new breath test for cancer that is currently under trial.  This clinical trial just launched is in hopes it can help to diagnose multiple forms of cancer. The Cancer Research United Kingdom Cambridge Institute researchers have recently developed an innovative […]

Wrinkles & Your Heart Health

 July 10, 2019

It is amazing what our body can actually tell us about our health. Do you know what forehead wrinkles might be able to tell you about your heart health?  Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer for Live Science, sheds some light on this subject.  None of us like getting wrinkles, especially we women, but there is a […]

Brain Aging & Cancer Treatments

 July 10, 2019

Finally, research is proving and being published to show that chemotherapy can possibly do more harm than good. Chemotherapy treatments supposedly work, but those same factors helping them to eradicate tumors might also accelerate aging processes in the brain, according to new research.  Maria Cohut gives us more information in an article that was fact […]

Artificial Intelligence Read X-Rays

 July 9, 2019

Robert Preidt of the HealthDay Reporter gives us more information on what artificial intelligence read x-rays are and how it works. The artificial intelligence (AI) system analyzes chest X-rays and has the ability to spot patients who should receive immediate care.  Reducing backlogs in hospitals could someday also be helped with the system.  About 40% […]