Life Expectancy In the Future

 November 9, 2019

Yasemin Saplakoglu, a staff writer with Live Science, explains what could happen with our life expectancy by 2040.  He feels the way things are going now, by 2040 we are probably going to be better off than we are today.  On the average both women and men will have a 4.4 years higher rate.  The […]

More on the Lighter Side

 September 22, 2019

I recently ran across some little tidbits of facts that I found interesting and thought I would share.  These are only some of the excerpts from 100 strange but true facts to shock you! The medical name for a butt crack is “intergluteal cleft”. The name for the shape of Pringles is called a “Hyperbolic […]

Unborn Baby’s Mental Map

 September 6, 2019

I recently read an article that I found interesting about babies in the womb creating a mental map of their body. Christopher Wanjek from Live Science submitted the article, giving more information. It is indeed exciting the first time your baby begins to move within the womb.  Now it is thought the baby is not […]

Opioid Birth Defect?

 September 2, 2019

An article was submitted by Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer for Live Science which covers the issue of more babies being born with intestines outside the body.  They are concerned this condition is linked to mom’s opioid usage. The rate of a serious birth defect in the U.S. is on the rise and is believed to […]

Dog Allergies: How to Make It Work Between You and Your Best Friend

 August 26, 2019

National Dog Day is an annual celebration encouraging dog ownership of all breeds. However, studies show that a whopping 15 percent of the population is allergic to pets — including dogs. One study revealed that even if advised to give up their dog by a doctor, only one of five people did (who even is […]

Where Do Our Dreams Come From?

 August 6, 2019

According to Stephanie Pappas, Live Science contributor, our dreams may come from two genes. A new study in mice found that these dream genes are essential for our phase of slumber that brings people some bizarro-world visions of taking high school math tests naked, losing teeth and soaring through the air. Without the genes that […]

Loneliness Can Affect Anyone

 July 26, 2019

One of my favorite quotes is by Mother Teresa. It says, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” We never know what someone is going through. It can become easy for someone to be lonely even when they are surrounded by many. A smile to someone does […]

Making the World a Better & More Inclusive Place

 July 8, 2019

Do you remember when the only emojis we had involved a colon and parentheses, or a less-than sign and the number three to represent a heart? Ah, those were the days <3 Today, illustrated emojis have a pivotal role in modern-day communication and social media use. According to a 2015 report, 92 percent of men […]

7 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Gloomy Day (Foolproof!)

 July 1, 2019

When a loved one is down in the dumps, we’ll do anything to raise their spirits. While there are obvious tried and true methods — such as listening and offering to help — you might need to dig deeper for ways to turn a frown upside down. There are tons of ideas for how to […]

Life Expectancy To Soar – But Not In The U.S.

 June 29, 2019

The life expectancy has actually declined for the first time in 20 years in the U.S. It has dropped from 76.5 in 2014 to 76.3 in 2015 for men and from 81.3 to 81.2 for women.  On the average American women now die about one month earlier than they did in 2014 and men have […]