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How Your Clothing Fabric Can Affect Your Health

 April 1, 2021

The clothes you wear are more than just a fashion statement. They keep you warm and protect your skin from external elements. But what your clothes are made of can actually have long-lasting effects on your body. No matter what style you have, you need to be conscious about what they’re made of and what […]

5 Major Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

 March 20, 2021

Fasting is not a new concept. Historically, religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism have practiced fasts for long periods of time. Researchers have discovered that there are benefits to fasting, which then stem from the practice of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting or IF is an unconventional diet plan that monitors when you eat rather […]

10 “Healthy” Foods That May Actually Harm Your Health

 June 15, 2020

Don’t fall for these ten “healthy foods” that are junk foods in disguise. Commercial salad dressings As many of us already know, vegetables are an abundant source of vitamins and minerals. The problem is that even though kale, spinach, and other leafy greens are nutritious, they often don’t taste good on their own. Helping turn […]

Nature Provides Many Health Benefits

 November 2, 2019

The time we choose to spend in nature, can provide us with a host of health benefits.  It not only feels great to be outdoors, but is great for us.  They conducted a huge study involving data from more than 140 studies and 290 million people that revealed exposure to greenspace, or open and undeveloped […]

Inflammatory Diet & Cancer

 October 30, 2019

Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer of Live Science recently explored the higher risk of cancer when indulging in an inflammatory diet.  This type of diet may increase a person’s risk of colorectal cancer, according to a new study. The men and women having a diet high in foods that are thought to increase levels of inflammation […]

Quieting Your Mind

 October 20, 2019

Have you ever wondered during a stressed moment how to quiet your mind?  I found an article that gave several ways to try to do just that.  Use your breathing to find stillness, but be more careful and conscious about it.  You need to pay special attention to the rhythm and move toward slower, deeper […]

Do You Crave Pastries?

 October 18, 2019

Are you aware that having a sleepless night could make it hard for you to resist pastries?  Maureen Salamon with HealthDay Reporter gives us more information on the discovery.  The new study does suggest that even one night of lost sleep can increase the desirability of junk foods.  An increase in ghreline (the hunger hormone) […]

The Egg is the Best Part

 October 14, 2019

Most of us regard the chicken as a mainstay of our diet, but it used to be different in the 1920s.  Chickens were primarily raised for their eggs and not their meat.  The chicken meat was expensive and not considered very tasty.  It was also available only seasonally, as chickens were slaughtered in the fall […]

Hospital Hand Sanitizers

 October 13, 2019

Rachael Rettner is a Senior Writer for Live Science who has written information about the hospital superbug.  All employees around the world working in hospitals are slathering on hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of any infections. There is now one type of bacteria in hospitals that appears to be very resistant to alcohol-based hand […]

Accumulation of Sugar

 October 7, 2019

If you listen to the sugar industry, their product is harmless and may even be an important part of a healthy diet. They recommend getting 25% of your daily calories from sugar. Research shows that people who get 25% or more of their calories from sugar triple their risk of death from heart disease compared […]