Alternative Cancer Treatment

Follow these tips to prevent cancer

Posted on June 23, 2017

Paul Richards from Jamaica wrote an interesting article on cancer treatments and the alternatives. He begins by explaining that cancer is said to be caused from a virus, plague, condition and/or a product of unhealthy lifestyle and living. He believes it is all of the reasons stated above. Pollution and our surrounding environments also play […]

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Woman in the Suana

Saunas & Melting Calories

Posted on June 2, 2017

How can we get the benefits of exercise without actually exercising?  The fitness experts of the last century had two ways of marketing their workouts.  These were through programs or devices that were either so easy a child could do it, or they pushed you to experience limits you didn’t think possible.  Following that workout […]

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Woman Ovary

Ovarian Cancer Deaths Decline

Posted on May 31, 2017

Between 2002 and 2012 ovarian cancer deaths fell and are predicted to continue to decline in the USA, European Union and in Japan, in a smaller degree, by 2020.  This prediction is according to new research published in the leading cancer journal Annals of Oncology.  The use of oral contraceptives and the long-term protection against […]

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Obesity and Cancer

Obesity & Cancer

Posted on May 28, 2017

Evidence from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) shows that people carrying extra body fat increases the risk for 11 types of cancer.  This includes postmenopausal breast and endometrial cancer.  How long women have been overweight and obese, suggests that if they keep their weight steady and/or lose weight, even small amounts, it may […]

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Woman With Muscle Pain

Why Charley Horses?

Posted on May 15, 2017

Exactly what is a charley horse? This is a muscle cramp that is particularly in your calf muscles and an incredibly common condition that results in your muscles. They become tight, stiff and extremely painful. In an adult, there’s a good chance you’ve had one at some point or another during your lifetime. The name […]

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Man With High Cholesterol

Understanding Cholesterol

Posted on May 13, 2017

When your cholesterol is high, there is an increased risk of heart disease. This causes immediate myths about saturated fats, which demonizes certain categories of food. Egg and healthy oils are two of them. We are all advised to keep our cholesterol as low as possible or we will suffer serious complications. However, this is […]

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Woman Doing Squats for Her Butt

Let’s Build A Butt

Posted on May 6, 2017

Does your “rear view” need a makeover or a lift? Here are a few hints on what you can do to achieve that “perfect” Brazilian butt you are always seeing on TV. The muscles known as the glutes define the shape of the buttocks. That includes the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, plus […]

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Sesame Oil

What Good is Sesame Oil?

Posted on April 28, 2017

A popular and edible oil that adds a rich, nutty flavor to your foods, is sesame oil. It is high in omega-6 fats and can provide certain health benefits, when moderately and properly used. This oil is derived from sesame (Sesamum indicum), which is a tall annual herb that comes from the Pedaliaceae family. Commonly […]

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Yo-yo Dieting and Gut Bacteria

Posted on July 22, 2016

Poor gut bacterial diversity may be part of the struggle by obese dieters to keep weight off. A new study was presented at the European Congress of Endocrinology. There are ten bacteria living on and in every cell that makes up the body. Therefore, the diversity of bacterial species in our system has a huge […]

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Hard to Lose Weight After 50?

Posted on July 1, 2016

Why is it so hard to lose weight after 50? It’s been so much easier to gain weight since passing that 50 mark than it is to lose it. The numbers just keep creeping up every year, no matter what I seem to do. The truth is, your metabolism begins to slow down after you […]

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Dr. Fredda Branyon