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  • Healing with Hyssop Oil

    The many benefits of hyssop oil were described in ancient texts, including the Bible. This herb still provides these benefits and is used widely today. The very potent essential oil is produced when the plant is steam-distilled. The hyssop plant is native to the Mediterranean region and considered a holy plant in biblical times. It […] Read More

  • 7 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

    Vinegar has a great variety of uses, some of which are ancient history but are still commonly practiced today. The most popular vinegar in the natural health community is apple cider vinegar. It has been touted as a cure-all for decades, dating back to centuries as an ancient folk remedy that helps with all sorts […] Read More

  • Is Lipstick Safe?

    If you think that lipstick or eye shadow of yours is safe, you’d better think again. Nearly every cosmetic product tested in one study, contained a potentially dangerous or proven toxic heavy metal. About $50 billion is spent on personal care products, but the government doesn’t require any mandatory testing for these products before they […] Read More

  • Five Misconceptions of A Vegan Diet

    What Is Veganism?   Veganism is a dietary practice that excludes all animals products from everyday consumption. Not only do vegans abstain from eating meat products like pork and beef, they also evade fish, poultry, dairy, honey, and even marshmallows. In case you needed a fun fact, marshmallows are made from gelatin, a substance created […] Read More

  • Just how much water do you need?

    There are apparently no “easy” answers to how much water we really need every day. How much you should drink depends upon your health, how active you are and even where you live. No particular formula will fit every person, and knowing more about your own body’s need for fluids can help you to estimate […] Read More

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