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  • Cancer & Finances

    A cancer patient’s quality of life during treatment can significantly be impacted by the financial burden and might even increase their risk of death, according to the result of an analysis presented at the ESMO 2016 Congress in Copenhagen. This is true even in countries where the national public health system covers most of the […] Read More

  • Benefits of Hibuscus Tea

      The most dramatic change in improving your health is very simple and free.  Put a halt to all sodas, because they are loaded with a toxic amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners.  This is more toxic to your health than you could ever imagine.  Some people are reluctant to give up soda because they […] Read More

  • Tumor Oxygen Factor in Fighting Cancer

    I read an article in Medical News Today addressing the issue of normalizing tumor oxygen supply that could be the key factor in the fight against cancer.  When tumor cells lack oxygen, it changes the cells’ gene expression and contributes to the growth of cancer.  A research project led by professor Diether Lambrechts and Dr. […] Read More

  • Melanoma Spreads To Other Organs

    Researchers at Tel Aviv University have untangled the metastatic mechanism of melanoma, which is the most aggressive of all skin cancers.  A paper was published in the journal Nature Cell Biology, that states the scientists discovered that before spreading to other organs, a melanoma tumor will send out tiny vesicles that contain molecules of microRNA. […] Read More

  • Benefits of Natural Medicine

    Natural medicine has been practiced for centuries and before the beginning of modern technology.  Doctors and their patients had to rely on the natural techniques and herbal remedies in order to treat illnesses or heal injuries.  Conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease have been reported to be successfully treated without the use of […] Read More

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