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  • Houseplants & Indoor Air Quality

    Some of the air pollutants are 100 times more concentrated in our homes than they are outside.  We need that quality air to support our respiratory system and our overall health. Some sociological studies show that the average amount of time a person living in the US spends indoors is almost 92% of their day. […] Read More

  • Happy Retirement

    “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick Retirement can be a scary move for all of us.  Of course, the financial end of it is always the biggest consideration and worry.  With an economy as it is now, a strong retirement plan is essential.  The big question is, […] Read More

  • Habits That Hurt Your Brain

    “We become what we repeatedly do.” -Sean Covey We all have some bad habits, but some of them can really take a toll on our brains.  Lack of sleep may be a cause of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.  Keep regular sleeping hours.  Avoid that alcohol, caffeine and electronics in the evening.  If you are alone […] Read More

  • Get Rid Of That Hair

    Let’s explore all that unwanted hair a woman has to deal with.  There are so many hairs, even in the eyebrows, it seems they grow faster, but they don’t.  Be careful and sparingly when you tweeze so you make sure to get the right ones.  Each and every hair takes weeks to grow back. Threading […] Read More

  • Genes Linked To Breast Cancer Survival

    They are currently testing activity of two genes that could pick out those women who are at an increased risk of dying from their breast cancers, according to a new study of almost 2,000 patients.  The tumors in women that had a specific pattern of activity in the two genes were 3 times as likely […] Read More

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