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Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy (CPM)

It seems like “back in the old days” people tended to listen more to what their body was trying to tell them. For example, when we get sleepy, thats for a reason. Our body is trying to tell us we …

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The Rise of Mukbang in the US: Dangers and Benefits

Unless you were living under a rock during the last couple of years, the internet trend commonly referred to as “mukbang” is something you might have come across on YouTube, or heard about…

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Chemo Kills – Not Cancer

I have always said that in my long history of working with cancer patients, I have found that most cancer patients do not die from cancer. I believe it is  from chemotherapy side effects, pneumonia t…

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How to Mend a Strained Relationship with Your Dad in 5 Steps

If you are reading this blog post, commend yourself for your strength, courageousness, and the abundance of love in your heart. Being right here on this very page means you are one step closer to repa…

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Cancer-Causing Mutations

An article highlighting healthy people having way more cancer-causing mutations that were originally thought, was composed by Yasemin Saplakoglu, Staff Writer for Live Science.  These mutations are c…

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“Ghost” During Cancer

My mother was an active lady among the neighborhood women and her garden club. It seemed as if she had many friends. However, once she was diagnosed with gastric cancer, her friends started disappeari…

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Dr. Fredda Branyon

About Fredda Branyon

My life's mission is to Educate people about the Power of Hope

Fredda Branyon’s dedication to healing and hope began as a teenager during her Candy Striper days. Fredda has enjoyed more than 38 years in the medical profession. She was a nurse before earning her pre-medical degree at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Upon completion of Wofford’s pre-med program, she entered the medical program at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Fredda has studied with medical experts throughout the world, and has dedicated her life to educating patients and their families on the benefits of Complementary Medicine. Fredda Branyon is also the founder and Administrative Director of New Hope Unlimited, a medical referral business that offers patients access to various treatment options provided by licensed physicians from around the world.

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