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  • Why ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer

    Many people enjoy staying under the sun either for a walk or to indulge in recreational activities during summer time. Exposure to sunlight can give positive contributions to the body for it has Vitamin D that can help develop stronger bones. However, research shows that overexposure to the ultraviolet radiation (UV) where the sun is […] Read More

  • Stay Skin-safe: How to reduce risk of skin cancer this summer

    Summer period is mostly the favorite time of the year for many people because it is at this point where the surroundings is dry and can be conducive for some outdoor activities. Many people tend to go out during summer because the sun is out bright and the weather is good to experience and enjoy […] Read More

  • The Difference between Generic Medicine and Branded Medicine

    With hospital bills and regular checkups, keeping your health in tiptop shape is becoming costly nowadays. Factor in the bill for prescription medicine, and you might just find yourself being unable to afford to be healthy. For this reason, more and more people are looking into generic drugs to alleviate the cost of medication without […] Read More

  • Resetting your Circadian Rhythm

      You’re probably used to sleeping at night and waking up early in the morning, but what happens when your routine changes? You may be assigned to do the night shift at work, or you’ve just become a new parent and your baby is a fussy one. Whatever the case, most people have a difficult […] Read More

  • Listen to Your Pets!

    You are probably already listening to your dog’s communication with you just through a tail wag for hello or pawing/whining to go outside or receive a treat. But did you know that they might also use calming signals to promote peace and stave of aggression? Like wolves, they display calming signals to let others know […] Read More

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