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Cherries – A Super Food!

I love my summer treat of fresh cherries with their many health benefits.  The season is usually May through July with a high susceptibility to pest and they do have a short shelf life with the seaso…

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Targeting Immune Cells

Since 2007, we at New Hope Unlimited have been using Immunotherapy very successfully. However, the way we do our immunotherapy protocols are very different than the way the United Staes medical teams …

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Stop That Craving!

Have you ever had a night that right before bedtime, you all of a sudden started craving ice cream or something else to eat? You tell yourself that you know it’s not good to be eating that late, esp…

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Preventing Foot Pain

Did you know that we are likely to walk more than 100,000 miles over the course of our lives?  That would be about the same as circling the earth 4X at the equator, but even as important as your feet…

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Happy Senior Citizen’s Day

A different definition of TIME: T = Today                  I = is                   M = my                   E = everything GETTING OLDER BUT YOUNGER It is such a blessing …

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You’re Not Lazy, You’re a Well-Rested Genius

Instead of doing something more productive, do you love afternoon naps and hours-long Netflix binges? How about nice, long stare-downs with your ceiling while lying comfortably in bed? If yes, some fr…

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Dr. Fredda Branyon

About Fredda Branyon

My life's mission is to Educate people about the Power of Hope

Fredda Branyon’s dedication to healing and hope began as a teenager during her Candy Striper days. Fredda has enjoyed more than 38 years in the medical profession. She was a nurse before earning her pre-medical degree at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Upon completion of Wofford’s pre-med program, she entered the medical program at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Fredda has studied with medical experts throughout the world, and has dedicated her life to educating patients and their families on the benefits of Complementary Medicine. Fredda Branyon is also the founder and Administrative Director of New Hope Unlimited, a medical referral business that offers patients access to various treatment options provided by licensed physicians from around the world.

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