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Life Choices & Cancer

According to Duane Cross, our lifestyle may increase the risk of cancer. It’s always about choice and what we do in life that may increase our chance of cancer. Cross believes that some careers and …

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Body Parts That Reveal Age

I recently read an article by Shelley Emling that gives us hints on what body parts reveal our age first. We all want to age gracefully and not look older than we really are. Our skin thins and is les…

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What Is Cribriform Breast Cancer?

We at New Hope Unlimited have seen all types and forms of cancers. We have seen cancers that are of the usual types and some of the rarest in the world. Cribriform breast cancer is a rare form of brea…

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What Is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease?

This disease is probably better known as mad cow disease, which gives it a stigma.  This can be a life shattering and even death disease.  Dr. Robert Ashley gave some further information on this dev…

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What Are Memories Made Of?

When thinking of memories, we conjure up childhood parties, weddings or maybe your child’s birth.  Charles Hoeffer, assistant professor of integrative physiology at CU Boulder has been working for …

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Timing of Cardiac Arrest

According to an article written by Robert Preidt of the HealthDay Reporter, the timing of a cardiac arrest may affect survival.  These rates are rising for people who have cardiac arrest while they a…

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Dr. Fredda Branyon

About Fredda Branyon

My life's mission is to Educate people about the Power of Hope

Fredda Branyon’s dedication to healing and hope began as a teenager during her Candy Striper days. Fredda has enjoyed more than 38 years in the medical profession. She was a nurse before earning her pre-medical degree at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Upon completion of Wofford’s pre-med program, she entered the medical program at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Fredda has studied with medical experts throughout the world, and has dedicated her life to educating patients and their families on the benefits of Complementary Medicine. Fredda Branyon is also the founder and Administrative Director of New Hope Unlimited, a medical referral business that offers patients access to various treatment options provided by licensed physicians from around the world.

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