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Viruses Stimulate Immune System & Fight Cancer

An article about a Swiss scientist from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and the University of Basel that has created artificial viruses that can be used to target cancer, caught my eye. These d…

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Rare Cancers In The U.S.

In every five-cancer diagnoses in the U.S. there is a rare cancer. This is revealed by a report by American Cancer Society appearing in CA:A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, which is a peer-reviewed jou…

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How Long Have I Got?

This is probably the first thing that a patient asks when told they have cancer, but most receive no clear answer to this. They aren’t even told if it is curable or likely to end their life. Sometim…

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Unexpected Things That Cause Cancer

Approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives and about half is accounted for by genetics. It is suggested that the rest is environmental exposure and…

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Tamarind Benefits

Tamarind is a tropical fruit that many of us have never heard of or tasted.  This fruit comes in a pod looking like a smooth, pale brown bean and has a sweetly acidic flavor and a sticky paste-like c…

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Help For Back Pain

Maria Cohut recently published an article that was fact checked by Paula Field about implants that are made from your own cells that could end your back pain.  Both neck and back pain are quite often…

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Dr. Fredda Branyon

About Fredda Branyon

My life's mission is to Educate people about the Power of Hope

Fredda Branyon’s dedication to healing and hope began as a teenager during her Candy Striper days. Fredda has enjoyed more than 38 years in the medical profession. She was a nurse before earning her pre-medical degree at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Upon completion of Wofford’s pre-med program, she entered the medical program at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Fredda has studied with medical experts throughout the world, and has dedicated her life to educating patients and their families on the benefits of Complementary Medicine. Fredda Branyon is also the founder and Administrative Director of New Hope Unlimited, a medical referral business that offers patients access to various treatment options provided by licensed physicians from around the world.

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