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  • Possible Substitute for Antibiotics

    We hear on the news everyday now about the “super bugs” that antibiotics are not able to kill. Infections still continue to threaten our health.  Pathogenic organisms outsmart available therapies.  Microbial versatility is matched by the host immune system, which evolves in dialogue with the microbes.  Therapies that enhance beneficial effects of the immune response […] Read More

  • Who Do You Believe? – Follow the Money Trail # 13

    In the final article of The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine, we want to stress the importance of who you believe and that all you have to do is follow the money.   Taking alternative treatments for your cancer is not something that most people in America would consider because the orthodox medical […] Read More

  • The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech #12

    The true power of the FDA is revealed with this article as part of The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine.  The FDA has actually lost some critical court cases in spite of the dictatorial powers Congress has given to them in order to crush alternative medicine.  There are a couple of key problems […] Read More

  • The Role of the FDA #11

    The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine continues with the exploration of The Role of the FDA.   Their claim is that there is no scientific evidence for alternative medicine.  The research being done on alternative treatment plans has virtually zero budget and FDA will not give formal permission for anyone to do research […] Read More

  • Other Techniques Media And Government Use #10

    Now we come to article 10 of The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine, reviewing other techniques that the media and government use.  Media diverts your attention from the real issue and consumes your attention with an irrelevant or far less important issue.  Abraham Lincoln said that America would never be destroyed from the […] Read More

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