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  • Cancer Patients Fare Poorly After Surgery

    UC Davis researchers are urging end-of- life patients to discuss their conditions prior to consenting to surgery. Those who have advanced cancer and undergo surgery are far more likely to endure long hospital stays and readmissions, referrals to extended care facilities and death. A study that was published in PLOS One highlights the dilemma that […] Read More

  • Flowers that Looks & Taste Good

    Flowers aren’t always just something pretty to look at and smell good. They can taste good, too. That profusion of color and fragrance is wonderful in our living spaces, but just think of the culinary value they have. Some edible flowers can be used in soups, casseroles, salads, roasts, desserts, jellies and cold drinks. Some […] Read More

  • Humor Therapy Helps Cancer Patients

    The Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center at Montefiore Hospital hosted a hilarity session for the cancer patients, some even with advanced stages of the illness. Fox News published an article in November of 2008, revealing the results of humor on the cancer patients. This was the hospital’s monthly “Strength Through Laughter” therapy. This is only one […] Read More

  • Inherited Salt Perception

    Some people who find they have an enhanced bitter taste perception are almost twice as likely to consume too much sodium as those with less acute tasting ability. Gene variations that allow people to taste bitter more intensely may also taste salt more intensely and enjoy it much more, which can lead to sodium intake, […] Read More

  • Screening For Adolescent Cancer Survivor

    The Childhood Cancer Survivors Study has completed research that identified profiles of psychological symptoms in adolescent cancer survivors. This is expected to advance mental health screening and treatment. No psychological symptoms have been reported by most of the adolescent survivors of childhood cancer. However, an analysis by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital found that those […] Read More

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