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  • Foods to Help Depression

    Have you ever felt depressed? I bet you have. There are many degrees and different kinds of depression. We all need help sometimes, whether its talking it out, seeing a professional, needing to take medication, or maybe just eating our way out of it. Wow! Most of us are trying to loose weight and I […] Read More

  • New Cancer Drugs-Little Effect On Survival

    Three cheers for Peter Wise! Finally someone is calling for better consent/education processes and better ethical treatment. Considerable amount of money is spent on cancer. There has been considerable investment and innovation in creating new cancer drugs that have been approved in the past 10 years. It has been found that these drugs have had […] Read More

  • High Protein Diet Risk In Older Women

    Ok, I need to and I’m going to shed a few pounds. It is the first of the year and now it a good time to do it, especially since it’s on my list of New Year’s resolutions. However, I may wait till Monday to start. Sounds familiar? There are so many different diets to […] Read More

  • Old Fashion Castor Oil

    Have you been shopping for moisturizer or some type of lotions lately? There are the really good smelling ones, the ones that make you sneeze and your eyes water, the ones that are “the best in the world”, the ones the movie actors use, and so on. You know the drill. Marketing makes it really […] Read More

  • How Does Fruit & Alcohol Impact Breast Cancer?

    Those eating certain fruits may be helping to build up protection against breast cancer, but drinking that alcohol later in life can aggravate the risk. These are the results of two linked studies that were published in the British Medical Journal. All those fruits and vegetables are important sources of fiber, vitamins and other biologically […] Read More

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