The Unspoken Angle: Why It’s Okay Not to Breastfeed

 August 15, 2023

A mother’s decision not to breastfeed can quickly spark outrage, mostly and surprisingly from other mothers. While breastfeeding is beneficial for many reasons, not all mothers will walk the same path. Personal and medical reasons can influence a woman’s choice against nursing her child, and we must respect these choices for the health and happiness […]

Can Avocados Cause Breast Cancer?

 August 1, 2023

In the 2010s, photos of Pinterest-worthy and Instagrammable avocado toasts propelled the fruit into mainstream culture. By 2018, more than 2.4 million social media posts were avocado-related, making the superfood one of the most featured fruits online. Also known as “alligator pear,” avocados are synonymous with good nutrition. Consumers cite “healthy fats” and overall “wellness” […]

Top Three Science-Backed Massages for Arthritis

 July 15, 2023

Pain and swelling are symptoms that someone with arthritis deals with on a regular basis. It can limit mobility, complicating the easiest of everyday tasks. For example, something as simple as walking to the bathroom and squatting over the toilet can be painfully difficult for someone with arthritis in the knee. Fortunately, if you or […]

How to Transition to a Clean Beauty Routine

 July 1, 2023

In 2022, a survey by Global Cosmetic Industry revealed that 64% of consumers say sustainability is very important when choosing beauty products. Compared to data insights from previous surveys, more people are aware of the health, wellness, and environmental risks associated with conventional beauty products. From makeup and skincare to personal hygiene essentials, many contain […]

Are You Eating for Pleasure or Your Emotions?

 June 14, 2023

Did you know 71 percent of Americans are more health-conscious than ever? Surveys show that US citizens are trying to live healthier lives. In particular, when it comes to eating, people are now prioritizing nutrition and weight management. Although this turnaround is excellent news for America (which people, including its populace, have been calling “Fat […]

Pawsitive Impact: How Cats Boost Mental Wellness

 June 1, 2023

One surprising solution to enhancing overall well-being may be as simple as owning a cat. The companionship and bond formed with these pawdorable friends have positive effects on mental health, claims animal scientists.   Reasons to Own a Cat: Mental Health Benefits  From improving our moods to providing us a sense of calm with their […]

Dirty Towels Exposed as Breeding Grounds for Health Hazards

 May 15, 2023

Towels are a daily necessity used for hand drying, bathing, and generally drawing moisture from our bodies. Based on the latter sentence alone, you may already know how towels can quickly become a breeding environment for icky germs and other harmful microorganisms.   How Dirty Is Your Towel? An ongoing study featured in TIME Magazine […]

Recalling the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Why Did People Do It?

 May 1, 2023

In the summer of 2014, videos of people pouring buckets of ice-cold water over their heads took over the internet. If you remember, the viral Ice Bucket Challenge was all in the name of raising awareness and funds for a neurodegenerative disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The Ice Bucket Challenge captured the attention of […]

Chagas Disease: A Parasitic Infection Plaguing Millions

 April 15, 2023

Imagine waking up to a sunny morning in a quaint village in Latin America, and your life changes in a flash with one bug bite. This is the devastating reality for millions of adults, children, and newborns suffering from Chagas disease – an infection that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. This blog’s goal […]

Sip Your Way to Better Digestion with Bone Broth

 March 15, 2023

Bone broth is a highly nutritious soup-based meal. People around the world have been consuming it for thousands of years, especially in Asia. It involves simmering the bones of chicken, beef, or fish for 12 hours or longer, extracting essential minerals and other nutrients from the bones and into the savory broth. In recent years, […]