Is Crying Good For Us?

 June 26, 2019

“Big boys don’t cry”. “Don’t be a baby”. Have you ever heard any of these phrases? I am so sorry but I may have even said those things to my son as he was growing up. An article by Serusha Govender has reviewed the health benefits of crying.  Naturally as babies we cried but as […]

Health Tips for the Summer

 June 25, 2019

Well, summer is certainly here. I have listed some things to think about as you enjoy your summer days. Dehydration Since our body is mostly made up of water, it’s even more important during the summer to be sure we are giving it enough. I always like to think that my body has been good […]

Ever Had Heart Palpitations?

 June 25, 2019

Never take your heart for granted. It works hard for you every moment of your life. If you ever have doubt that your heart may be in a little trouble, see your medical provider. There are many things to learn about having heart palpitations.  Your heart seems to pound, flutter or skip beats.  They can […]

Just Keep Swimming, Says Health Experts

 June 24, 2019

Swimming is among the most popular sports in the world. Whether you swim to compete, to have fun, or both — this low-impact activity has several physical and mental health benefits. What is Competitive Swimming? People who are passionate about swimming often take it to a competitive level. This activity provides the health benefits of […]

Gut Bacteria vs. Immune System

 June 24, 2019

Have you ever thought about what is in your intestines? Im not just talking about the garbage called poop. There is also lots of good and bad bacteria in the long halls going toward the porcelain throne. They now have new information about the role of vitamin A in the relationship between gut bacteria and […]

Wrinkles & Your Heart Health

 June 23, 2019

Do you know what forehead wrinkles might be able to tell you about your heart health?  Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer for Live Science, sheds some light on this subject.  None of us like getting wrinkles, especially we women, but there is a new study suggesting some may be more than just a sign of aging.  […]

Facts On Cryotherapy

 June 22, 2019

Somehow I don’t quite think of sitting in a cold tank as being comfortable and certainly seems an odd path to health.  However, this trend called cryotherapy is becoming very popular as Zawn Villines reports in her article that was reviewed by Natalie Olsen, RD, LD, ACSM EP-C.  They claim that extreme cold can improve […]

Exercise As Helpful As BP Meds?

 June 21, 2019

How long has it been since you did your jumping jacks or sit ups? What about just a nice stroll around the block? HealthDay Reporter, Robert Preidt, shares information on the benefits of exercise that is as helpful as blood pressure meds.  Hitting that gym may be very helpful in lowering your blood pressure numbers, […]

Do You Wear Your Shoes Indoors?

 June 20, 2019

Emma Bryce, a Live Science Contributor recently investigated whether you should or should not take your shoes off while indoors.  Do you or should you ask your visitors to remove their shoes when they enter your home?  This could make you look like a fussy host, but what about all the disease-causing bacteria that can […]

Contributors to Depression and Anxiety

 June 19, 2019

The number of teens exhibiting depression has spiked since 2011 and shows that girls are more prone than boys at this age.  Social media may very well be a part of the problem, according to the researchers.  Federal data was analyzed from 2005 to 2014 that revealed about 500,000 American teens struggle with depression with […]