Targeting Immune Cells

 August 17, 2019

Since 2007, we at New Hope Unlimited have been using Immunotherapy very successfully. However, the way we do our immunotherapy protocols are very different than the way the United Staes medical teams do their protocols. Our process is done by using the patient’s own blood and only natural agents to expand the immune cells. The […]

Stop That Craving!

 August 16, 2019

Have you ever had a night that right before bedtime, you all of a sudden started craving ice cream or something else to eat? You tell yourself that you know it’s not good to be eating that late, especially junk food. However, all of a sudden you find yourself gobbling it down anyway. Your taste […]

Preventing Foot Pain

 August 15, 2019

Did you know that we are likely to walk more than 100,000 miles over the course of our lives?  That would be about the same as circling the earth 4X at the equator, but even as important as your feet are, it’s so very easy to neglect them….at least until they start to hurt!   […]

Happy Senior Citizen’s Day

 August 14, 2019

A different definition of TIME: T = Today                  I = is                   M = my                   E = everything GETTING OLDER BUT YOUNGER It is such a blessing that we have grown […]

Couch Potatoes & Cancer

 August 12, 2019

Occasionally I have to remind myself that I have gotten my money’s worth out of Netflix and I do not need to watch that next episode of the series after I just finished the last 3. Does that sound familiar? I think its’ called “The Netflix Marathon.” I recently read an article by Robert Preidt […]

Is Colorectal Cancer Only For Over 50?

 August 11, 2019

The prevailing belief about colon cancer has been predominantly a disease of those over 50.  Dr. Robert Ashley, an internist and assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, has given more information concerning this much-feared disease.  Data has been warning for several years of a rise in colon cancers diagnosed before […]

Children With Poor Vitamin B12

 August 10, 2019

Having more difficulties solving cognitive tests, such as the ability to do puzzles, recognizing letters and interpreting other children’s feelings can be attributed to low levels of B12 in small children.  Low B12 levels as a baby was associated with a decrease in test scores at 5 years of age, according to researcher Ingrid Kvestad […]

Chew That Food!

 August 9, 2019

I recently read an interesting view of chewing your food, written by Honor Whiteman. We’ve all heard that little phrase all during our childhood from our parents. “Chew that food!” A new study advises us this is very wise advice. It is found by researchers that chewing food prompts the release of an immune cell […]

Precision Medicine

 August 8, 2019

So, exactly what its precision medicine?  This future vision is explored in an article written by Yella Hewings-Martin PhD, that was fact checked by Jasmin Collier.  Rather than using symptoms for the doctor to identify your disease, how about using your genes, metabolism and gut microbiome information to manage your individual health?  This is precise […]

Boosting Brain Power Over 50

 August 7, 2019

An article by Tim Newman has shown some ways to boost the brainpower in adults over 50.  A lot of research has been conducted on the potential cognitive benefits of exercise on mental performance in older adults, and until now the results have been inconclusive.  This new review gives a fresh look at the data. […]