Tips to Stay Fit at Thanksgiving

 October 1, 2022

For many centuries, Thanksgiving has been considered a national holiday in the U.S. and Canada to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the preceding year. The traditions behind it have evolved from mythologized harvest feast in 1621 to a post-civil-war era patriotic and religious gathering. Now, every fourth Thursday of November, Americans gather around […]

Photography In Pursuit of One’s Well-Being

 August 1, 2022

Back then, photography used to be a professional undertaking. Photographers would use specific and intricate tools and techniques to capture an essence they find in a shot. However, as smartphones begin incorporating these tools and techniques easily, everyone now has the chance to become a photographer. People are even starting to integrate photography into their […]

Everything About Autoimmune Disorders

 July 15, 2022

What are autoimmune disorders? The immune system serves as the body’s defense system against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other foreign bodies. When it detects these foreign bodies, it sends out an army of antibodies that fights them, thus protecting the body from different illnesses and infections. In some cases, the immune system mistakenly detects your […]

Keeping in Mind Food Safety This Summer

 June 15, 2022

Bacteria thrive in warmer conditions. As the following months become hotter and hotter, you can expect a number of food spoilage of leftovers due to bacterial contamination. To familiarize ourselves with these harmful microorganisms, we will be going over the specific food-related diseases that you can encounter during this summer. We can prevent contracting these […]

What You Need to Know About PCOS and Fertility

 May 1, 2022

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is an endocrine and reproductive disorder where there is an imbalance in reproductive hormones. Symptoms of this disorder, including abnormal hair growth, acne, irregular periods, and ovarian cysts, may appear anytime during the reproductive age and change over time. According to the United States’ Office on Women’s Health (OWH), this […]

Coping With All The Buzz From Social Media

 April 15, 2022

The use of social media has spiked recently. This is apparently true not just throughout the decade but also over the years that the COVID-19 pandemic passed. Along with this spike in usage rates, problems came in the form of information overload. Scientists coined the term “social media overload” to refer to the effects of […]

Understanding the Lack of Health Equity

 March 1, 2022

Is there a disparity in how COVID-19 adversely affects racial and ethnic minorities? An overused phrase since the surge of this health crisis, “We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” In a global pandemic where even the rich are not spared, we forget many racial and ethnic minority groups suffer […]

Keeping Zen After a Relationship’s End

 January 15, 2022

Come February, we immediately think of Valentine’s Day. TJ Klune’s book entitled “The House in the Cerulean Sea” reminds us of the misconceptions that love can only be the “romantic type.” However, even if we’re surrounded by all sorts of love from family and friends, one would think a romantic partner would complete the picture. […]

What 2021 Has Taught Us So Far

 December 15, 2021

2021 is anything but ordinary. In fact, it is the most extraordinary year so far. With the threat of COVID-19 still around and countries slowly bouncing back, the world finds itself standing at a decisive point. Each day bears its own weight, and every little news gives a hint on whether we’ll be moving forward […]

This is What Happens When You Skip Your Breakfast

 December 1, 2021

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. Yet, despite such a title, breakfast is also the one most commonly skipped. With lots of things to do and finish early in the morning, taking a meal often gets the least priority. From beating the traffic to finishing a rushed assignment, many reasons […]