Acknowledging Cancer’s PTSD-Causing Trauma

 June 15, 2024

Polls in the United States and Europe revealed that half the population are more afraid of cancer than any other disease. Cancer is, after all, a life-altering event that can trigger a rollercoaster of emotional and psychological responses. For many who experience this fear, they may continue to grapple with lingering trauma long after treatment. […]

What Is Cribriform Breast Cancer?

 November 15, 2019

We at New Hope Unlimited have seen all types and forms of cancers. We have seen cancers that are of the usual types and some of the rarest in the world. Cribriform breast cancer is a rare form of breast cancer that is further explained and investigated by Rachel Nall, RN, BSN, CCRN and reviewed […]

Protein Identifies Cancer Cells

 November 10, 2019

I discovered an article written by Catharine Paddock, PhD who gives information on a protein that identifies cancer cells that are becoming aggressive and ready to spread to the rest of the body.  Researchers from Rockefeller University in New York and the University of Bergen in Norway, have reported their findings called PITPNC1 in the […]

Diabetes Drug Kills Cancer Cells

 November 7, 2019

An article was written by Ana Sandoiu and checked by Jasmin Collier, giving some facts on a new innovative way to kill off cancer cells in acute myeloid leukemia.  This would occur while preserving and regenerating healthy red blood cells. The new study was carried out by researchers from the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer […]

Can We Stop Cancer From Metastasizing?

 November 6, 2019

Ana Sandoiu wrote an article that explored the subject of a new way to possibly stop cancer from metastasizing.  This is the main cause of death in cancer, and the current treatments against it are so far ineffective.  However, there is current research that may have found a way to slow it down, and maybe […]

Predisposition Mechanism For Colon Cancer

 November 4, 2019

Ana Sandoiu published an article that was fact checked by Jasmin Collier looking at the new predisposition mechanism for colon cancer that has been found by scientists.  This new novel mechanism interferes with our DNA’s ability to repair itself and genetically predisposing some people to colon cancer. The journal Nature Chemistry published the new study.  […]

Is Cancer Close to a Cure?

 November 1, 2019

An article written by Maria Cohut and fact checked by Jasmin Collier was recently published on the state of cancer.  Are we close to a cure?  This is the leading cause of death across the United States.  There have been many studies on how to stop cancer in its tracks, but just how close are […]

Inflammatory Diet & Cancer

 October 30, 2019

Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer of Live Science recently explored the higher risk of cancer when indulging in an inflammatory diet.  This type of diet may increase a person’s risk of colorectal cancer, according to a new study. The men and women having a diet high in foods that are thought to increase levels of inflammation […]

Does Vitamin D Protect Against Cancer?

 October 28, 2019

According to an article by Peter Russell with WebMD, high levels of vitamin D may be linked to a lower risk of people developing some cancers.  A Japanese based study says the vitamin may be particularly effective at protecting against liver cancer, according to the researchers. Most of us know Vitamin D as the sunshine […]

We Produce Toxic Formaldehyde

 October 26, 2019

There is new research that reveals some of the toxin formaldehyde in our bodies is a by-product of an essential reaction inside our own cells and does not come from the environment.  New targets for developing cancer therapies could be provided by this, according to research that was led by scientists from the Medical Research […]