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Hidden Sources Of Stress That Affect Your Health

Hidden Sources of Stress that Affect Your Health

Posted on February 13, 2017

You splurge on a massage each month, meditate and even do yoga. What could possibly be making you feel jittery all the time? Believe it or not, there are hidden sources of stress that affect your health. In fact, you could purposely be doing relaxation techniques and still be unable to put a smile on […]

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Resetting your Circadian Rhythm

Posted on August 8, 2016

  You’re probably used to sleeping at night and waking up early in the morning, but what happens when your routine changes? You may be assigned to do the night shift at work, or you’ve just become a new parent and your baby is a fussy one. Whatever the case, most people have a difficult […]

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Listen to Your Pets!

Posted on July 29, 2016

You are probably already listening to your dog’s communication with you just through a tail wag for hello or pawing/whining to go outside or receive a treat. But did you know that they might also use calming signals to promote peace and stave of aggression? Like wolves, they display calming signals to let others know […]

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Assisted Living

Posted on July 2, 2016

There are alternative assisted living facilities for older adults who may need help with eating, bathing, dressing and toileting, but do not need nursing care or intensive medical as what is provided in a nursing home. These might be part of a retirement community, nursing home, senior housing complex or even a stand-alone. Each state […]

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Spider Bites

Posted on June 28, 2016

Spider bites usually only cause mild reactions because they don’t fully penetrate the human skin. However, when bitten by either the black widow or brown recluse spider, you should seek immediate medical care. I have seen patients who have had a brown recluse spider bite and it was pretty impressive. Not in a good way! […]

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Dendritic Cell Therapy

Posted on June 28, 2016

Our patients at New Hope Unlimited receive very individualized protocols using immunotherapy. These protocols include expanding the patient’s own dendritic cells. This is a great little video that shows you an actual dendritic cell attacking an abnormal cell. Dendritic cells are capable of attacking abnormal cells in our body such as cancer cells. Sometimes it […]

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Are you Grounded?

Posted on June 28, 2016

  Are you running around crazy half the time?  In today’s fast-paced living, we all tend to miss that connection that is most important to our sustained energy and physical well-being.  You must feel like your feet are resting on the earth and you are receiving energy from the earth.  If you are grounded, you […]

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A Must Read: The Science of Raising Happy Kids

Posted on March 5, 2014

A Must Read: The Science of Raising Happy Kids We came across this pretty nifty infographich, which has plenty of nuggets of wisdom to help out young parents in raising their kids to be happy. A few of the points they discussed in the infographic: We came across this pretty nifty infographic, which has plenty […]

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Poison

Posted on February 26, 2014

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Poison Kids are the most vulnerable to poisoning. Learn what you can do as a parent to follow preventive measures to ensure that they do not have any access to poison. Let’s face it, sometimes kids get into things that they probably shouldn’t. Here are a few tips […]

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Living without Dairy Products

Posted on January 8, 2014

Living without Dairy Products Lactose is the natural sugar found in milk and in most dairy products. People who are lactose intolerant have inadequate lactase, which can help in digesting lactose. For this reason, they suffer from diarrhea, stomach aches, and others right after taking in dairy products. However, their intolerance differs from their levels […]

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