December One is World Aids Day

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Each year on the first of November, World AIDS Day is held and this gives people around the world the chance to become united in a fight against people who are living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It is time not just to commemorate those who have passed away due to the virus but also to show support for those who currently have this. In the year nineteen eighty-eight it was the first time in history for the first ever global day of health to be held and this was World AIDS Day.

What to Do on World AIDS Day

Showing solidarity and support for the millions of folks that have to live with HIV is what you can do on the first day of December. This is a great opportunity to express your support and you can do this by wearing a red ribbon. It is also a good time to try raising some funs to show support for those having to live with this disease. Hold events such as selling red ribbons, hosting a bake sale or even promoting online fund raising to help increase funding for research.

The Importance of World AIDS Day

Around the globe there are estimates that over thirty four million individuals have HIV. In the United Kingdom alone there are more than a hundred thousand persons. Even if the virus has been identified only in nineteen eighty four, over thirty five persons have died of AIDS or HIV which makes it one of history’s most destructive pandemics. Advances these days in science have been done in the treatment of HIV. There are also laws that protect persons that live with the virus. The fact is, the more people understand about what HIV is about, the more solutions can be thought of to deal with it.  Those who live with this condition also have to deal with discrimination and stigma that comes along with it, which has severe negative emotional effects as well.

It is important to celebrate World AIDS Day due to the fact that this virus is still at large. It reminds the government and the public that there is a vital necessity of improving education, fighting prejudice, increasing awareness and raising money in order to try and find new solutions for how to deal with HIV.

Keep It Up

Although the first of December is of course a great time to increase awareness about HIV and the fact that it is still around, now is also a good time to perhaps think about keeping the momentum going the entire year and not just today. Stay up to date on HIV new developments and sign up for a newsletter to keep you reminded about this extremely pertinent issue.

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