Want To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Ants?

 March 7, 2013

Want To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Ants? We have all heard about how detrimental aspartame can be for you but some people just do not want to believe it. Everyone has their opinion and that’s one thing that’s so great about having that kind of freedom. Freedom of speech and freedom to make decisions. I […]

Banned Foods That Are Still Allowed

 March 5, 2013

Banned Foods That Are Still Allowed As most of you know, writing for the public is a hobby of mine. I make no income of it. The only way I prosper from it is from the enjoyment of feeling as if I am helping people to become aware of what is going on around them, […]

Stay Out Of The Belly Of The Beast

 March 5, 2013

Stay Out Of The Belly Of The Beast Since Obama Care is going forward, I have noticed how more and more physicians are speaking out on many levels. Some are just talking among themselves but others are bold enough to speak to large audiences. When you have a little time, I have enclosed a video […]

Preventing Environmental Cancer Risks

 February 28, 2013

Preventing Environmental Cancer Risks If you have 25 people in a room and asked how many people knew someone who have had cancer, most likely all 25 would raise their hands. If you then asked how many in the room had a family member in the past who have had cancer, two thirds or more […]

Garlic Paste For Lung Ailments?

 February 28, 2013

Garlic Paste For Lung Ailments?   Have you ever sat down with your great grandmother or older grandmother and talked about “the good ole days”? If you never had that experience, find someone in their golden ripe years and find out how they lived when they were your age or younger. I promise you, you […]

Easy Healthy Snacks

 February 27, 2013

Easy Healthy Snacks Are you still trying to eat better and healthier? I know, it’s hard. So many people have explained to me that they just have a hard time thinking of snacks to replace the cookies, cake and ice cream. I’ve listed a few easy things that may help. – “Ants on a log”- spread a […]

New Cap For Brain Cancer

 February 27, 2013

New Cap For Brain Cancer   Good news! It seems there may be hope for a certain type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma. The FDA has approved a new cap device called the Novo TTF-100A. The cap produces alternating electrical currents in the brain to disrupt the rapid cell division.I have included a video you […]

Lumpy Breast

 February 26, 2013

Do you have lumpy boobs? Oops, I know that is getting a little personal, however today I want to write a little about breast care. As we all have been taught by either our mother, the doctor, the nurse, or even on the TV news, checking our breast for lumps or masses in very important. […]

Myths About Your Brain

 February 26, 2013

Myths About Your Brain We have all heard how we never use all of our brains. Dr. Sanjay Gupta with CNN recently interviewed Dr. Deepak Chopra concerning the myths about our brain. Chopra stated that only 5 percent of our brain’s genes are actually from true gene mutations, or rather that’s what is inherited from […]

Metabolism And Poop

 February 25, 2013

I recently read an article from Huffington Post where someone wrote in asking the question, “How long does it take for the food I ate to add weight to my body?” Before I tell you what Huffpost’s answer was, I’ll tell you what I think about me. Within five minutes! Ok, I know that’s not […]