Tips for Kidney Cancer Prevention

Prevention is Better than CureNo matter what age you happen to be at the moment, prevention goes a long way in terms of protecting your health. This holds true for kidney cancer as well as all other possible diseases. Specifically, it is important for you to get periodic checkups particularly if your family has a history of getting these types of diagnoses. Those living a lifestyle that involves more stress than the usual are at particular risk and ought to take extra measures of prevention and incorporate these in their daily lifestyle.

Looking for kidney cancer prevention tips? Kidney cancer can affect both women and men. Even if there is no preventable way to prevent cancer of the kidney, lifestyle choices and other factors within your control can help in reducing the risk of getting this disease. Here are some steps to take that may help reduce your risk of kidney cancer and benefit overall health.

Family History

Be aware of a family history of kidney cancer. If kidney cancer has been a diagnosis in immediate family members, get a kidney evaluation from a doctor. However, keep in mind that hereditary conditions are not linked to many kidney cancers.

Toxic Chemicals

Avoid toxic chemical exposure at work if this applies. In the workplace, exposure to specific chemicals including organic solvents, benzene, asbestos and cadmium are toxic to the kidneys. If these chemicals are part of the workplace, get a kidney evaluation from an urologist periodically as part of kidney cancer prevention methods.


Engage in regular physical activity and maintain a healthy weight. Kidney cancer is linked to obesity. A diet consisting of heart healthy fat, vegetables, fruits and lean protein and exercising regularly will help keep weight under control. Plus, there are many other health benefits that result from a healthy weight.

Blood Pressure

Keep your blood pressure under control. Hypertension or high blood pressure increases kidney cancer risks. With a doctor, determine how you can lower blood pressure through exercise and diet. If a change in lifestyle is not sufficient to control hypertension, get a prescription for medication to keep blood pressure under control.

Stop Smoking

Quit using any form of tobacco and smoking. Smoking increased the risk of kidney cancer development. If there is difficulty in quitting, keep in mind that there are many available options these days to assist those who want to quit. These choices include nicotine replacement products, prescription medications and support groups. Find out what the best options are by talking to a health care professional.


When it comes to kidney cancer prevention, quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and controlling hypertension are a few methods of prevention to take. No matter where you happen to be located, the first thing you need to do is to get an accurate evaluation by making an appointment with your health care specialist as soon as you can. The earlier an accurate kidney evaluation is made, the better chances there are of dealing with the results and taking extra methods of prevention.

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