Easy Snacks For A Cancer Diet


Ok, now you are trying to eat healthy and I bet you want everything in site that is not tied down. I know, I’ve been there. No matter what, if I’m told I shouldn’t, need to, or can’t eat something, then my brain flips and wants things I never wanted before. Oh and did I mention that its things that I shouldn’t have? Sometimes I think that comes from emotional eating or either defiance. Im not sure but I know something happens within me.

Foods can be used as a “comfort food” more often than we imagine. Food provides substance but we all have emotional attachments to it as well, to some degree. How many times do you just need something to eat even though you are not really hungry? I will tell myself, “I just need the crunch,” or “just a bite or two wont matter”. Wrong, thats not the right things to be telling yourself.

If you are trying to eat healthier, I understand your frustration and know its hard. We try to explain to our cancer patients at New Hope Unlimited, that getting sugar out of your diet is like a matter of life and death. Cancer loves sugar. We have found that most cancer patients crave sugar. Science has discovered that cancer cells need two things to survive, a good blood flow to the cells and sugar.

Please stay away from the items at the grocery store that say, “Sugar Free”. Please read your labels. Most of the time sugar free means there are other chemicals in the product that are more harmful to us than the sugar itself.

I am a big fan of Stevia. I believe the best company to buy Stevia is from SweetLeaf. It is 100% natural stevia. No added ingredients or chemicals. Stevia can be used in place of sugar in baked goods, beverages, and any type of foods to be served.

I listed a few replacements for the cookies, cakes, potato chips and ice cream. However, if you want a new hobby or just try your hand at baking, bake homemade cookies using organic flour, organic coconut milk and stevia. You may be really surprised and proud of yourself.

You can take almost any recipe and change out the ingredients to make it a healthy snack. Play and use your imagination. And while you are playing, take pictures, write the recipe and blog it!

The old tried and true Almonds and raisin mixture is always a good stand-by. Only use a small amount of raisins.

Air popped popcorn: If you really feel the need, a little melted “real organic butter” can be used. Also, try sprinkling Italian herb mix on top.

Cupcakes made using gluten free organic flour or whole grain flour, and stevia are great.

Popsicles made from fresh, unsweetened juice poured into popsicle makers are great for the summer time. Or, make ice cubes using natural juices for your water. You can add Stevia if you need it sweeter.

”Ants on a log” can be fun to share with the little ones. Spread almond butter onto celery sticks and roll it in a small amount of raisins or crushed almonds.

Frozen blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries are wonderful to eat along or even better if you make a quick smoothie using the frozen berries with organic yogurt and organic coconut milk. Berries are great for cancer patients.

Spread mashed berries with a little Stevia in it on gluten free bread or wheat bread.

Try to make healthy cooking a new hobby and see what you can come up with. If you have time and would like to share any of your recipes, I will put them up with your name so you will get the credit. Happy Healthy eating!!

-Dr Fredda Branyon