Is Obamacare Really Here To Stay?


On January 20, 2015, an article from Reuters Health Information hit the physician’s newsletters. It appears the healthcare executives say Obamacare is here to stay even though there are continuous calls coming in from the Republican lawmakers for repeal. I wish I had their number!

Top executives who gathered in San Francisco for the annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare conference, all admit that Obamacare needs to be tweaked, but it is too “entrenched to be removed”.

George Scangos is chief executive officer at the biotechnology company, Biogen Idec Inc. Recently he said in an interview, “They would somehow have to explain to millions of people that they will lose health insurance.”

Aetna Insurance Chief Executive Officer Mark Bertolini stated, “Blowing up the Affordable Care Act is like shutting down the government.”

Well, I personally have not seen the great care we were told our country would have. Yes, it has lots of kinks to iron out but they need to get straightened out quickly. We have patients and their families calling us continuously telling us terrible stories now because The Affordable Healthcare Act can no longer treat them because of age or diagnosis. Unless you are one of those who have been hit by the downside of Obamacare, then you haven’t heard all of whats going on. It is sometimes mind boggling to think about what the media does and does not tell us.

It is my belief that in America, all should be treated equal. That means all ages and diagnosis should be treated as well. Somewhere down the line, something or someone has become confused. Of course, this is my opinion.

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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