The Advantages of Natural Medicine

If you get seasonal allergies in the fall and spring, it is time to look for relief from Mother Nature. Believe it or not, you will be surprised at how much comfort you get from such holistic remedies.

Whether it is the long wait of getting winter to turn to spring or when summer begins to turn to autumn, many individuals begin suffering from seasonal change as well. More than just a new wardrobe and vacation plans, these transitional months also tend to be the time when allergies begin to make an appearance.

Some symptoms of millions of people who live with changing seasons include red, watery, itchy eyes, a runny nose, wheezing and sneezing. As the pollen from plants, flowers, grass and trees make their way into the air, more and more folks can’t help but sneeze.

With the broad range of alternative medicine available, you will be surprised how Mother Nature is able to provide comfort and relief. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with traditional medicine’s troublesome side effects.

For allergy relief, try gargling with a tablespoon of salt diluted in water. Salt is a natural purification agent and helps clear your overall nasal and oral cavity of pollen. Drink natural valerian tea as this helps relax your entire body and does wonders for helping you relax from all the sneezing.


When considering alternate medicines for a loved one or for yourself, remember to keep balance in mind. When using alternative or complementary medicine for a broad variety of allergies, know exactly what type of medicine is right for you by being informed. In addition, it is a good idea to know the many undeniable benefits of alternative medicine.

Preventative Care

One great advantage of holistic medicine is that it focuses on preventing disease. While medicine that is more traditional has the tendency to intervene with the presence of disease, holistic doctors tend to encourage patients to pay them a visit even when they are well. These visits put the focus on disease prevention before these occur. This is of course aside from the times when the sick need to be cared for.


The cost tends to be lower when you go to see a holistic doctor. The prescribed natural medicine usually does not cost as much as traditional medicine, which helps you get healed without breaking the bank.

Personal Attention

Since whole body care is emphasized, practitioners or alternative medicine often give more attention to their patients on the whole. On the other hand, physicians of traditional medicine tend to be time trapped and go through packed waiting rooms plus pressure from insurance companies. Due to the different structures of fees and different philosophies, there is more one on one attentive care that comes from a holistic doctor.

The Whole Person

In medicine that is traditional, diseases are seen as an entity distinctive from the people carrying these. There are many advanced treatments to the growing trends in medicine specializations. In addition, this has caused many to ignore the parts of their patient that are healthy. The difference between alternative and traditional medicine is that whole body care is emphasized by the former and the opposite is true for the latter. There is more and more interest in holistic health approaches and is one primary reason that holistic medicine is becoming more and more popular.

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