Do Sleeping Pills Deliver What They Promise?

 June 18, 2016

Most drugs carry the risk of side effects and being hooked by a false promise of benefits could actually worsen your health rather than improve it. In this country we pay 50% more than others for the same identical drugs, of which advertising costs are a huge part of that equation. We would save about […]

Can’t Sleep?

 June 9, 2016

Could it be that you can’t sleep because of what you’re eating and daytime fatigue? Let’s check out some of the 15 reasons that might be happening, dealing with fatigue causes. Not Enough Sleep. This is the most obvious, but too little sleep can negatively affect your concentration and health. Keep a regular schedule and […]

Drug-Delivery Holds Potential for Treating Obesity

 May 14, 2016

Researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed new nanoparticles that can deliver antiobesity drugs directly to tissue. Mice treated with these nanoparticles lost 10% of their body weight over 25 days without showing any negative side effects. Wouldn’t this be great for those of us that are fighting obesity? These drugs work […]

Why Use BMI as Measure of Health?

 May 12, 2016

There has been a new study showing that 54 million Americans whose BMI classed them as overweight and obese are actually in perfect health according to cardiometabolic measures. Another 21 million whose BMI places them in the normal category are unhealthy. BMI is a person’s body mass index that equals weight in kg divided by […]

5 Tiny Habit Changes to Kick a Sedentary Lifestyle to the Curb

 April 29, 2016

In the middle of the last century, the world has witnessed a dramatic culture change which absorbed the great impact brought by a whirlwind of technological advancements, a revolution in communications, and drastic improvements in transportation. That being said, the lifestyle of the people from both ends, those hailing from developed countries and the contrary, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Infused Water a Try

 April 8, 2016

Water is essential to health because it improves bodily functions and boosts metabolism. However, some people don’t drink as much as they need to because the taste of plain water is not appealing enough for them. One of the effective ways to increase water intake in a delicious and refreshing way is through infused waters. […]

12 Foods that Rev Up your Metabolism

 March 30, 2016

Metabolism is a biochemical process that takes place in the body in order to extract calories from food and fluid intake and produce energy for efficient bodily functions such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion, growth, and cell repair. Metabolism has an implication on weight. If you want to lose extra pounds and maintain an ideal […]

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

 September 7, 2015

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. In the last forty years, the USA rates of obesity have been affecting the younger members of the population in a way that is nothing short of alarming. Obesity in children has been increasing in quadruples among children aged six to eleven. In the United States over twenty […]

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

 May 28, 2015

With May being the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, it is but right that you begin thinking of ways (in case you haven’t started yet) to become physically active. According to Shellie Pfohl, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition executive director, “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is the ideal time for every […]

Home Remedy Tips: How to lose belly fat

 February 2, 2015

Home Remedy Tips: How to lose belly fat Feeling a bit fat in the middle? Home remedy tips on how to lose your belly fat! Do you notice a flab of fat slipping out whenever you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite body con dress? Some people are quite embarrassed about this […]