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Things You Need to Know before Going Vegan

 December 20, 2013

Things You Need to Know before Going Vegan Being a vegan is not as difficult as you think. Only that, you have to ready yourself for it. You will have to move from eating meat to consuming greeneries and it can’t be that easy if you come unprepared. Below are the things that you should […]

Get Smart About Sodium [Infographic]

 May 16, 2013

Get Smart About Sodium [Infographic]   Eating too much salt can harm your heart. Find out if you’re overdosing on sodium and learn the saltiest foods to limit. Click here for our Blog Disclaimer.

Easy Healthy Snacks

 February 27, 2013

Easy Healthy Snacks Are you still trying to eat better and healthier? I know, it’s hard. So many people have explained to me that they just have a hard time thinking of snacks to replace the cookies, cake and ice cream. I’ve listed a few easy things that may help. – “Ants on a log”- spread a […]

Metabolism And Poop

 February 25, 2013

I recently read an article from Huffington Post where someone wrote in asking the question, “How long does it take for the food I ate to add weight to my body?” Before I tell you what Huffpost’s answer was, I’ll tell you what I think about me. Within five minutes! Ok, I know that’s not […]

Don’t Get Sucked In

 January 22, 2013

Don’t Get Sucked In   My smart southern father always said to us kids, “Just because they say so doesn’t mean it’s true. If everyone else is going to jump off the bridge, that doesn’t mean you should too.” In my teenage years, that was never the statement I wanted to hear, especially when I wanted to go to […]

Natural Treatments For Fibromyalgia

 January 17, 2013

Natural Treatments For Fibromyalgia I’m sure it is no fun to have chronic pain everyday from Fibromyalgia. I have spoken to several people who have expressed their pain, not only the pain within their body, but the pain of trying to get a doctor to help take the pain away. I have heard their frustrations […]

Organic Chicken Or Deception?

 January 7, 2013

Organic Chicken Or Deception?   I really do not want to sound so negative but I actually woke up several times in the night thinking if I should write about this. We always tell our patients at New Hope Unlimited to be careful with the meat they eat. It is very important to buy meat […]

Cancer- Fighting Broccoli

 January 3, 2013

Cancer- Fighting Broccoli   We always tell our cancer patients at New Hope Unlimited how important it is to eat your veggies and especially how important it is to eat broccoli. If someone were to ask me what food would I say patients dislike the most, I would have to say it’s broccoli. It seems […]

Lycopene May Curb Stroke Risk

 December 17, 2012

Lycopene May Curb Stroke Risk A study published October 9, 2012 in Neurology, found that men with the highest serum concentration of lycopene were far less likely to have a stroke than men who had lower levels of lycopene in their system. That sounds like a lot of tomatoes and tomato-based products had to be […]

Did Your Hospital Get A Failing Grade?

 December 13, 2012

Did Your Hospital Get A Failing Grade? Twenty-five hospitals in the United States received a failing grade on patient safety from a quality-improvement organization called The Leapfrog Group. The Leapfrog Group said that the hospital safety grades are calculated under the guidance of a 9-member panel of patient safety experts. The hospital grading system derived […]