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Eat Purple Foods

 July 21, 2019

Do you like the color purple? How many times have you ever really though about purple food? I have to admit that I never thought much about it till now. Well, it seems like purple foods are good for us and we should be eating lots more of it. Phenolics or polyphenols, are phytochemical that […]

What Works?

 July 17, 2019

We have a tendency to self treat when relief is needed, but before this is done you need to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before trying any home remedy.  Every drug or herb works differently so if you take prescription, over-the-counter meds, or go to the health food store, keep in mind that many […]

Some Carbs To Live Longer

 July 16, 2019

Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer for Live Science, gives some information that eating some carbs, but not too many, could help us live longer according to a new study.    We hear of high carbs and low carbs, but medium carbs is something new! A large study is suggesting that eating carbohydrates in moderation may be best […]

Odd Medicine of 2018

 July 15, 2019

We always hear of weird or odd things happening to other people but we never think certain things could happen to us. There were case reports during 2018 describing conditions of individual patients that can help doctors better understand rare diseases or spot unusual signs of common conditions.  Some of the strangest cases reported from […]

Raised Cancer Risks With Certain Hair Products

 July 3, 2019

There is now new research that finds women who use hair dye or chemical relaxers might have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.  This particular study was led by researchers from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ and has been published in the journal Carcinogenesis.  Breast cancer starts in breast cells and is the […]

Oh, That Jet Lag!

 July 1, 2019

Sara G. Miller, a staff writer for Live Science, composed an article giving us a heads up on recovering from jet lag. Deep inside our brains is our biological clock.  It may be possible to reset it by targeting certain cells in our eyes, according to a new study.  This may lead to the development […]

Odd Things That Raise Cancer Risk

 June 30, 2019

The normal things we hear regarding what raises the risk of cancer is not to smoke, slather on sunscreen along with others, such as skipping red meat, getting vaccinated against HPV and steering clear of air pollution if possible.  There are others that can raise the risk as well but get a lot less attention. […]

Is Social Media Really Driving Us Insane?

 June 27, 2019

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have been around a little over a decade, and 10 years since the launch of the iPhone.  Pinterest, Instagram and the iPad have only been around for seven years and Snapchat for six.  Americans’ use of this technology and social media has grown at a striking pace.  The 2017 Stress in […]

Is Crying Good For Us?

 June 26, 2019

“Big boys don’t cry”. “Don’t be a baby”. Have you ever heard any of these phrases? I am so sorry but I may have even said those things to my son as he was growing up. An article by Serusha Govender has reviewed the health benefits of crying.  Naturally as babies we cried but as […]

Ever Had Heart Palpitations?

 June 25, 2019

Never take your heart for granted. It works hard for you every moment of your life. If you ever have doubt that your heart may be in a little trouble, see your medical provider. There are many things to learn about having heart palpitations.  Your heart seems to pound, flutter or skip beats.  They can […]