Health and Lifestyle

Walking Vs. Running

 August 26, 2019

The subject of walking vs. running is a big question among the older generation of people.  Many are unable to run but not sure if they are getting the same results by walking.  So how fast do you have to walk then?  Regina Boyle Wheeler from the HealthDay Reporter has written an article on what […]

Dog Allergies: How to Make It Work Between You and Your Best Friend

 August 26, 2019

National Dog Day is an annual celebration encouraging dog ownership of all breeds. However, studies show that a whopping 15 percent of the population is allergic to pets — including dogs. One study revealed that even if advised to give up their dog by a doctor, only one of five people did (who even is […]

Dog Alerts Blood Sugar Swing

 August 23, 2019

Serena Gordon of HealthDay Reporter told of a “wonder dog” who alerts the owner to blood sugar swings.  It seems that animals have an uncanny ability to be more than we think and not just a man’s best friend. A woman is constantly followed by her service dog which, she calls Type 1 Wonder Dog.  […]

Chicken Soup’s Medical Magic

 August 20, 2019

Robert Preidt of HealthDay Reporter enlightens us on the magic of chicken soup. Many of us may rely on that chicken noodle soup to soothe a cold without even really knowing exactly why the warmth of the broth brings us relief. A dietitian explains that a hearty bowl of this soup may help to clear […]

Cherries – A Super Food!

 August 19, 2019

I love my summer treat of fresh cherries with their many health benefits.  The season is usually May through July with a high susceptibility to pest and they do have a short shelf life with the season for them being so short. Acerola cherries have some of the highest sources of vitamin C and provide […]

Stop That Craving!

 August 16, 2019

Have you ever had a night that right before bedtime, you all of a sudden started craving ice cream or something else to eat? You tell yourself that you know it’s not good to be eating that late, especially junk food. However, all of a sudden you find yourself gobbling it down anyway. Your taste […]

Kitchen Staples

 August 14, 2019

The United States has a real problem with food waste.  This is not only on the farm where produce is labeled unfit for sale, but because of what we throw away in the homes.  Overall, about 40% of U.S. food is wasted according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The average U.S. family of four […]

Four Ways To Cut Your Cancer Risk

 August 13, 2019

Everything we hear is to maintain healthy habits and you can decrease your risk of cancer.  But, it isn’t that easy, is it?  We love all those chili cheese fries and we hate the thought of all that exercise.  Keeping a healthy weight is probably even harder for most of us.  A study recently came […]

Couch Potatoes & Cancer

 August 12, 2019

Occasionally I have to remind myself that I have gotten my money’s worth out of Netflix and I do not need to watch that next episode of the series after I just finished the last 3. Does that sound familiar? I think its’ called “The Netflix Marathon.” I recently read an article by Robert Preidt […]

Chew That Food!

 August 9, 2019

I recently read an interesting view of chewing your food, written by Honor Whiteman. We’ve all heard that little phrase all during our childhood from our parents. “Chew that food!” A new study advises us this is very wise advice. It is found by researchers that chewing food prompts the release of an immune cell […]