Odd Things That Raise Cancer Risk

The normal things we hear regarding what raises the risk of cancer is not to smoke, slather on sunscreen along with others, such as skipping red meat, getting vaccinated against HPV and steering clear of air pollution if possible.  There are others that can raise the risk as well but get a lot less attention.

The national Cancer Institute estimates about 1.7 million people in the U.S. were diagnosed with cancer during 2018, which is about 38% of the people in the U.S.  Following are some strange things that may raise the risk of cancer along with one that we don’t really need to worry about.

Sipping that hot tea may sound healthy and a way to cope with stress and maybe even green tea may reduce cancer risk.  But let it cool down first as the extreme hot may increase the risk of cancer of the esophagus, especially if there is damage done by smoke and alcohol.

Sitting still is bad, so to reduce the risk of cancer you need to keep moving.  Higher levels of physical activity are linked with reduced risk of some common cancers that include lung, colon and breast cancers.

As strange as it seems taller people are more likely to get cancer than shorter people.  For every extra 4 inches of height, the risk of cancer increases by 10%.

We love grilling but the summer cookouts aren’t as innocent as they seem.  Sitting close to a grill may absorb an increased amount of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons through the skin.  They are released by the burning of wood or charcoal and known to be carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents.

Breast implants may have an increased risk of a rare type of lymphoma called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, according to a 2018 study.Those whose breast implants were textured rather than smooth-surfaced, were at a higher risk of ALCL.  The general risk of this cancer in those with implants is still very low.

Carrying too much weight also has an increased risk of more than a dozen types of cancer.  The overweight or obese have a nearly doubled risk of cancers of the esophagus, stomach, liver and kidney compared with those in the normal weight range.

There are many things in our environment that can cause cancer. Please try to use your common sense and think of ways you can stay as healthy as you can. Its much better than getting sick!

Dr Fredda Branyon