Does Your Stomach Growl

 October 12, 2019

It seems that our bodies let us know many things in a variety of ways, if it is well and alive!  That familiar growl of our stomach is sending hunger signals.  Are these noises actually coming from our stomach and are they really telling us its time to eat?  Actually, no, but here is what’s […]

Cell Death Technique

 October 11, 2019

I found an article written by Honor Whiteman on a novel cell death technique that he feels may be better than chemo.  Usually chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy are used to treat cancer.  They do not work for all patients suffering from cancer.  There is a new study where scientists have discovered a cancer-killing technique that […]

Can HDL be too high?

 October 10, 2019

Jennifer Berry wrote an article that was reviewed by Daniel Murrell, MD, that explained more about the HDL.  We seem to think that cholesterol should be as low as possible as we all know it is well-documented as a risk factor for heart disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are […]

Black Seed Oil

 October 9, 2019

Exactly what are the benefits of black seed oil?  It has been used for thousands of years for medicine, food and cosmetics.  Many people today use it for the same reason as you’d take an aspirin or ibuprofen.  They hope it will target inflammation and tamp it down.  There are also substances in it that […]

Antipsychotic Drugs To Destroy Cancer Cells

 October 8, 2019

It’s a fact that some cancers can survive on high cholesterol levels.  Ana Sandoiu composed an article that was fact checked by Jasmin Collier that there is new research that uses antipsychotic drugs to starve these cancer cells of cholesterol. Certain malignancies depend on cholesterol to survive, according to some studies, and that high serum […]

Accumulation of Sugar

 October 7, 2019

If you listen to the sugar industry, their product is harmless and may even be an important part of a healthy diet. They recommend getting 25% of your daily calories from sugar. Research shows that people who get 25% or more of their calories from sugar triple their risk of death from heart disease compared […]

Salt Intake

 October 6, 2019

According to an article written by Steven Reinberg of the HealthDay Reporter, processed foods and restaurant meals account for most of our sodium intake in the U.S. diet. In reviewing the salt intake of about 450 U.S. adults, only 10% of salt or sodium in their diet came from food that was prepared by them […]

Best Sleeping Positions

 October 5, 2019

So, are you spending the night in the best position you can?  We all have our own consistent sleeping routine.  No matter how much you move around at night, when you settle, it’s probably in that favorite position.  The “favorite” position might not be the best for you and might be causing health problems, ranging […]

Hair Following Chemo

 October 4, 2019

When does the hair grow back after having chemo?  Dawn Villines gave some good information for those recovering from hair loss after receiving chemo.  The article was reviewed by Christina Chun, MPH. Regrowth of hair after chemotherapy is a visible and heartening sign.  Chemo can destroy cancer cells, but it also kills healthy cells, too.  […]

Prematurely Gray?

 October 3, 2019

We all know that becoming gray prematurely is still a sign of advancing age.  Sounds better than growing old, doesn’t it?  It does vary from person to person and will usually run in the family.  Some people barely notice it and choose to ignore it where others do everything they can to mask it or […]