Womens Health

Hair Loss Got You Worried?

 July 2, 2016

It’s not just men who worry about hair loss. It seems that I hear more and more women mentioning they are concerned because they have began to lose hair volume. There are many reasons that you might have hair loss. Even improper hair care. Diseases can also result in hair loss and the most common […]

Health Risks Lurking at the Nail Salon

 June 25, 2016

Products like nail polishes, glues and other products used in nail salons may contain chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and methacrylate compounds. You must use safety precautions as these chemicals can cause breathing problems for the worker and sometimes the customer. You might enjoy the pampering and relaxation of having a manicure or acrylic […]

Diet Do’s and Dont’s for Pregnant Women

 April 15, 2016

Pregnancy is one of the highlights a woman will go through in her life. Knowing that another life is growing inside your belly and that this child you are bearing is solely dependent on everything that you do-and yes, everything you eat as well, can change your perspective on how you live your life. Taking […]

Five Health Concerns for Women

 March 23, 2016

Men and women are alike in so many ways, but there are traits, experiences, and issues that are unique to women especially when it comes to health. Here are five health concerns among women and ways to address them.   1. Heart Disease Heart disease accounts for 29% of death among women. However, their main […]

February is Prenatal Infection Prevention Month

 February 8, 2016

February is Prenatal Infection Prevention Month and pregnant moms around the nation can take this time to take extra precautions necessary for the prevention of prenatal infections. Already facing emotions in a see-saw, pregnant moms also fret about kicks and twinges they feel as well as the sometimes on-going battle for food cravings. As a […]

Top 5 Benefits of Breast Feeding

 August 17, 2015

  For infants, breast milk is acknowledged widely as the most complete infant nutrition form. It has an array of benefits for the development, immunity, growth and health of infants.  No other food is able to replace breast milk and this includes store bought formula for infants. Even if there is a possibility of accumulated […]

Things You Don’t Know About National Women and Girls HIV/Aids Awareness Day

 March 16, 2015

Things You Don’t Know About National Women and Girls HIV/Aids Awareness Day Are you aware of the National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day? Well now you are! Read on to learn more. We are all aware of the disease called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), and we are aware that every […]

Menstrual Cramps? How to deal with it the natural way

 February 9, 2015

Its the time of the month where girls have to pay attention to their monthly but not that friendly, visitor. Menstruation always comes with its best pal, menstrual cramps. Many women experience this with a throbbing pain in the lower abdomen.Majority of women experience the immense pain of these cramps during their growing or puberty […]

Infographic: The U.S. Maternal Health Care Crisis

 October 1, 2014

Infographic: The U.S. Maternal Health Care Crisis Take a look at this infographic and discover the maternal health care crisis that plagues the United States. Discover the startling statistics about pregnancy. Amnesty International, an international non-governmental organization that is known for its strong human rights advocacy, released this infographic regarding the maternal health crisis that […]

Making Your Feet Happy

 December 9, 2013

Making Your Feet Happy Your feet can be the most overlooked parts of your body despite the fact that they also do important function for you: They carry your weight every day. This can be because of their location. It is so often that you look down. It is only now that you realize that […]