February is Prenatal Infection Prevention Month

February is Prenatal Infection Prevention MonthFebruary is Prenatal Infection Prevention Month and pregnant moms around the nation can take this time to take extra precautions necessary for the prevention of prenatal infections. Already facing emotions in a see-saw, pregnant moms also fret about kicks and twinges they feel as well as the sometimes on-going battle for food cravings.

As a matter of fact, it is not easy to relax at this time if you happen to be a pregnant mom, much less think about infections. However, the old saying about prevention being better than having to spend for a cure really does hold true, particularly in this case.

What to Prevent

When it comes to infections that you want to prevent, the short list includes preventing contagion with kids that have sicknesses such as fifth’s disease and rubella. You also want to prevent cytomegalovirus also known as CMV, toxoplasmosis, streptococcus Group B and infections of the urinary tract. This list really does sound unpleasant and scary but due to it being February, which is the International Prenatal Infections Prevention Month, this time is perfect for more awareness of the matter. It is a good idea to take the time to see what is going on out there and to make sure you guard yourself by taking simple steps to protect yourself and your baby by making sure you don’t get any type of infection.

Stay Away

It is not easy to stay away from people who are sick particularly if they happen to be family members. On the other hand, if rubella and chickenpox is what they have, wash your hands often and definitely try to avoid them.

Cat Litter

The duty of who changes the cat litter will be something you will need to pass on to someone else for now. If you must, wear gloves and afterwards, wash your hands.

No Unpasteurized

Don’t eat soft cheese like queso fresco, brie or feta unless there is an indication that they are unpasteurized on the label. The reason for this is because listeria and other harmful bacteria might be contained in these products.

Skip the Packaged Food

Bacteria breeds within enclosed surfaces and this includes pre-packed salads. If you are craving vegetables, go ahead and use a good fruit and vegetable cleaner before you eat a salad.

Clean Surfaces

Clean countertops and toys with water and soap as well as any surface around your home that may contain germs. It is also unwise to share toothbrushes, food, cups and forks with any person including members of your family. This includes washing the pacifier of your child by putting it in your mouth.

Hand Washing

The simplest and first method of keeping infections at bay is to regularly use water and soap to wash your hands. This is true after you are around sick people, pet handling, handling soil, gardening, touching unwashed vegetables, raw eggs and raw meat, caring for younger kids, diaper changing and using the bathroom. Use gel that is alcohol-based as a substitute in the event you don’t happen to have soap and water at the moment.