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Lessons From America’s Oldest Men

 September 3, 2012

Lessons From America’s Oldest Men   America’s oldest man, Shelby Harris, passed away on July 25, 2012. He was a wise 111 year old. When asked what was he secret to a long life, he replied, “Love people and believe in them.”Before Mr Harris’ title of being “America’s Oldest Person”, was Mr. Walter Breuing. Mr […]

The Unseen Forces of Life

 July 27, 2012

The Unseen Forces of Life The other afternoon I decided to take Lucy, my dog, out and sit for a few minutes in the back yard. It was late afternoon and it looked as if we may have had a storm brewing to the north of us. I kept a close eye on Lucy because […]

What Does A CBC Mean?

 July 26, 2012

What does a CBC mean? No, it’s not the TV station where Big Bang Theory is on tonight. Thats CBS. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it is about a group of physicists who can make even the periodic table hilarious! I’d love to make an explanation of medical abbreviations as interesting as the […]

Living By The Sea- Preventive Medicine?

 July 25, 2012

Living By The Sea- Preventive Medicine? I recently read a few articles and studies which reveal those who live near the sea have better health! British researchers from the University of Exeter found those who live inland were less likely to report having ratings of “good health” than people who live closer to the coast. […]

Side Effects Of A Sick Health Care System

 July 22, 2012

Side Effects Of A Sick Health Care System   This is a wonderful era to be living in. There are so many advances in technology and science that we are experiencing daily. New improvements in building materials, road and bridge designs, transportation, new types of appliances, and much more. Technology has brought about wonderful ways […]

When You Eat Matters

 July 21, 2012

When You Eat Matters Have you ever thought about how many social or business events you have around food? It seems that whenever we Americans want to get together to do something, there is always food involved. Our society’s eating patterns have changed over the years. People have greater access to food and reasons to […]

Look At Your Ear Lobe

 July 20, 2012

Look At Your Ear Lobe I was a nurse in my early years of life and then went back to school to become a doctor.  I went to 4 years of premed schooling, 4 years of medical school and 2 years of internship. I have spent years working with oncology and auto-immune diseased patients. I […]

The Miraculous Immune System

 July 19, 2012

The Miraculous Immune System Your immune system has been called a “delocalized” brain. It is as wondrously complex and mysterious as the brain in your head with about the same amount of cells or more. Unlike your brain, however, the army of immune cells patrols every inch of your body in constant communication with other […]

A Chef Without a Stomach

 June 17, 2012

A Chef Without a Stomach   We have always told our cancer patients that it is important to continue your hobbies or find something to do that you like to do. It is important to have something in your life to look forward to even when things seem so down. As the saying goes,” A […]

What is your opinion of this hospital?

 June 1, 2012

What is your opinion of this hospital?   I just heard a lecture presented by Art Caplan from the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. I was left with a big WOW. I would like to know your thoughts on this matter. A hospital in Texas, Citizens Medical Center, […]