The Unseen Forces of Life

The Unseen Forces of Life
The other afternoon I decided to take Lucy, my dog, out and sit for a few minutes in the back yard. It was late afternoon and it looked as if we may have had a storm brewing to the north of us. I kept a close eye on Lucy because I live in Arizona and my neighborhood has coyotes that seem to tip toe wherever they go. They love to prey on small animals and Lucy weighs in at about 5 pounds!I sat there and watched the rabbits scrambling about and listened to the birds make their chirping sounds. The wind was beginning to blow. For those of you who really know me, you already know that I believe with all my heart that there is definitely something that works with prayer. So I decided to say a little prayer and let God know that I loved him. All of a sudden I had a thought that came to my mind and I want to share this with you.

Amongst the wind, are the birds who survive. They may falter but no harm comes to them. Think of the small birds like the humming bird or others. They know the storm is coming and they perch themselves in the trees waiting patiently. The wind can blow with strong force but the birds are not blown away to perish. There could be hurricane strong winds but it seems not to bother the small birds that may not even weigh a half pound.

Just as with the weather, “life storms” come into our lives. No matter who we are, we have to face the ups and downs, get wet, maybe get knocked down, but there are the unseen forces that are always there to help pick us up and keep us safe. It’s just another initiation in our lives.

We are human and all of us goes through trials that just do not seem fair. I am reminded that it is not the storm’s journey, but my attitude of how I will stand strong and be grateful for even when brushing myself off after being knocked down. For when I am able to stand back up and be grateful for the lessons learned, I have become a better person. It is our attitude that helps make us and the wonderful powerful unseen angels that help us survive the unwanted storms.

Please never give up. Take the storms and ride with the wind. Know that if you look deep, you will find great lessons that make you the great core individual that you are. And a magnificent individual you are!

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