Side Effects Of A Sick Health Care System

Side Effects Of A Sick Health Care System


Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

This is a wonderful era to be living in. There are so many advances in technology and science that we are experiencing daily. New improvements in building materials, road and bridge designs, transportation, new types of appliances, and much more.

Technology has brought about wonderful ways to speak or communicate to someone around the world in only seconds. No more land line phones or “party lines”. No more having to wait weeks for a love letter to get to a war torn country. It can go in an email in seconds.

If we take the time to sit and think of all the advances we have experienced over our lifetime, it may amaze you. It matters not how old you are. Yes, us older folks may be able to remember TV as ‘black and white” TV and the younger ones may be able to remember when they couldn’t get Netflix on their color flat screen TV. Regardless, we all have experienced a glorious advancement in our lives.

Our society is experiencing a remarkable awakening in our health care abilities. People are realizing that they have choices in the type of health care they receive. They are realizing there are other treatments that are working in other countries that are not available in the US. The internet has opened tremendous opportunities for people to learn what is available throughout the world.

Mainstream medicine communities have been very closed minded to the fact that there may be other ways of healing and that not just one way is the best way.  It saddens me every time I see Dr Sanjay Gupta on CNN or other doctors of authority to say that the United States is losing our rankings on the World Health Care charts. If you look at the World Health Care Chart, you will see that there are third world countries ranking higher than we are for health care, at this time. How sad is that? We are America, not a third world country!

So what can we do to fix it? Oh if I only had the answers. I feel our health care system is in such turmoil and in a down slide. I must not be the only one to feel this way. President Obama is trying to change things, congress seems not to know what to do, and doctors all over the US are becoming disillusioned with medicine. It seems like insurance and money dictates the treatment given.

If only we could all come into agreement and consider the patient first and not the money first. If only people could get the treatment they wanted in the United States and not have to go to Germany, China, Mexico, or Israel for the treatment. Patients go out of country seeking treatments that are not FDA approved but treatment that have been used  safely for decades in first world countries. If people were allowed to stay in the US for the treatments of their choice, this would be easier on the patients and their families. It would also keep US dollars from going out of the country.

I may sound harsh but I daily see the “side effects” of a broken and sick health care system. One that somewhere has forgotten that we as America has to become better in our love for our country and mainly our love for each other.

Please do not misunderstand. I am in no way pointing fingers at the FDA. We have to have in place the abilities to rule out what is safe and harmful. There has to be guidelines for us to follow. I am talking about changing the ability for Old World used, tried and proven, science based treatments, to be re-evaluated so people are not left to die with no other place to turn.

In our treatment facility, we are being bombarded with people giving us stories about how they are left with nothing else to do. They come to us seeking treatments that are done in other countries and have heard about the successes. We are happy that we are allowed to help them to try to recover on their journey of health. Some go in remission and some do not. We have an 80 percent recovery rate for life extension. We love what we do, however we hate that our patients have to travel to get to us. It would be wonderful if all the doctors in the US could work as a team for the benefit of the patient instead of telling them there is nothing more to offer.

We need a new CEO for health care in the United States!

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