Act F.A.S.T: Must Know Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

 December 15, 2014

Things you must know about the signs and symptoms of a strokeAct F.A.S.T: Must Know Signs and Symptoms of Stroke Stroke does not choose a victim, but one can be at a risk to it. When a stroke occurs, it requires immediate attention for prolonging the exposure before treatment only makes it worse. These damages […]

Energy Loss? 5 Foods Richest in Iron

 December 8, 2014

Energy Loss? 5 Foods Richest in Iron Iron-rich food that can boost your energy loss It is a prevalent fact that the lack of iron inside the body results to nutritional deficiency such as Iron deficiency like anemia. Keeping the right amount of iron helps your body defeat these threats and also protects you from […]

10 Tips Eating Clean

 December 1, 2014

10 Tips of Eating Clean Are you sure you’re eating clean? Check out these 10 tips to find out if the food you eat is ideal for eating clean.   In line with the most popular fitness programs that health enthusiast today are patronizing , requires permanent dietary changes. There are different kinds of laid […]

Habits of Healthy People

 November 24, 2014

Do you consider yourself health? Do you see yourself in the habits listed here? Have you ever noticed that seemingly healthy people have commonalities in some of their habits in what they eat, what they do, and how they think?There is that correlation among what you do, what you think, and what you eat in […]

Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Work-related Stress

 November 17, 2014

Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Work-related Stress Are you feeling stressed at work? Did you know this stress can not only have psychological symptoms, it also has physical symptoms? These are what you should look out for. Work has been defined as “any mental or physical activity as a means of earning compensation or wage”.As […]

Boosting your Immune System

 November 10, 2014

Boosting your Immune System Your immune system needs extra help this winter season. What are some of the possible ones you can do or take to boost it?   I came across an infographic that I think it very timely for the season. If you’re in a cooler state – specifically one where snow sets […]

Common Illnesses During Winter

 November 5, 2014

Due to weather change and cold temps during winter, the body is susceptible for these 5 common illnesses during the winter months. It will be best to be aware of these illnesses and be informed that there are remedies that can be of help during this time of the year. Colds This is one of […]

Some of the Top Stressors at Work

 November 3, 2014

Some of the Top Stressors at Work We spend most of our waking hours at work – so what are some of the stressors we need to be aware of? Work eats up most of our weekdays, at the minimum, 8 productive hours each day or at least 1/3rd of our daily schedule, while for […]

Types of Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

 October 22, 2014

Types of Food to Avoid During Pregnancy Pregnant? Read here for types of food you must avoid during this sensitive time in your life Pregnancy is one of the most challenging times for a pregnant woman. Challenging because there are many restrictions, food being one of them. Nutrition is of utmost importance for the mother […]

Healthy Food Choices for Pregnant Women

 October 15, 2014

Pregnancy for women is a crucial point and eating the right kind of food is of utmost importance. When you are pregnant, you are actually feeding not just yourself, but as they say, you are feeding for two.To help in that, here are 5 simple food choices that are considered healthy for pregnant women. Beans […]