Alternative Medicine

Walnuts And Infertility

 January 18, 2013

Walnuts And Infertility   I have to admit, this subject I am writing about is truly not my expertise, but I felt it may be interesting for those of you trying to get pregnant. It has been found that the daily addition of 75 grams of shelled whole walnuts may have a positive effect on […]

Cancer- Fighting Broccoli

 January 3, 2013

Cancer- Fighting Broccoli   We always tell our cancer patients at New Hope Unlimited how important it is to eat your veggies and especially how important it is to eat broccoli. If someone were to ask me what food would I say patients dislike the most, I would have to say it’s broccoli. It seems […]

Laugh Your Way To Better Health

 December 17, 2012

Laugh Your Way To Better Health We have all heard that “Laughter is the best medicine” but we all think that’s probably just a cliche. Well, it could be partially true. Laughter could be good medicine. A recent study performed by the University of Maryland had two sets of people watching movies. One set watched […]

Side Effects Of A Sick Health Care System

 July 22, 2012

Side Effects Of A Sick Health Care System   This is a wonderful era to be living in. There are so many advances in technology and science that we are experiencing daily. New improvements in building materials, road and bridge designs, transportation, new types of appliances, and much more. Technology has brought about wonderful ways […]

New Research Proves Vitamins Help The Brain

 July 20, 2012

New Research Proves Vitamins Help The Brain Recently a series of new studies were published in three medical journals, the British Journal of Nutrition, Human Psychopharmacology, and Psychopharmacology. Teams of British neuroscientists investigated the effects of multivitamin supplementation on mood and cognitive function and found that taking a multivitamin daily can improve cognitive performance in […]

Look At Your Ear Lobe

 July 20, 2012

Look At Your Ear Lobe I was a nurse in my early years of life and then went back to school to become a doctor.  I went to 4 years of premed schooling, 4 years of medical school and 2 years of internship. I have spent years working with oncology and auto-immune diseased patients. I […]

The Miraculous Immune System

 July 19, 2012

The Miraculous Immune System Your immune system has been called a “delocalized” brain. It is as wondrously complex and mysterious as the brain in your head with about the same amount of cells or more. Unlike your brain, however, the army of immune cells patrols every inch of your body in constant communication with other […]

New Studies Suggest Which Form Of Vitamin E Is Cancer Preventive

 July 18, 2012

New Studies Suggest Which Form Of Vitamin E Is Cancer Preventive Good news for cancer research! The American Association for Cancer Research, published online in April 2012, the results of studies they performed on Vitamin E. Researcher Chung S. Yang, Director of the Center for Cancer Prevention Research of Rutgers University, and his fellow scientist, […]

Pay Attention to Your Nail Moons

 May 31, 2012

Pay Attention to Your Nail Moons   In the “old days”, whenever you went to see your doctor, some of the first things they would do to assess your problems are no longer done. All doctors take your blood pressure but do they still ask you to stick out your tongue and say OU? Not […]

The 4 tiers of “organic”

 May 3, 2012

The 4 tiers of “organic”   I find that most people do not realize there are different degrees of organic. I didn’t for a long time. If you are trying to buy healthy, did you know that if you are not careful, you can still be buying pesticides etc in a product labeled “organic”. Yes […]