Pay Attention to Your Nail Moons

Pay Attention to Your Nail Moons


In the “old days”, whenever you went to see your doctor, some of the first things they would do to assess your problems are no longer done. All doctors take your blood pressure but do they still ask you to stick out your tongue and say OU? Not many do. Do they still ask to observe your hands? No, not many do. Lets talk a little about what you can see by looking at your nails.

Take a few moments and examine your fingernails. Ladies, we have to do this with unpolished nails. Sorry.

Your nails can be a reflection of your health and well being. Watching how your nails grow can actually give you early warning signs of medical problems or severe systemic diseases.

One of the things our doctors at New Hope Unlimited do is to look for is a simple indication for thyroid activity. Remember that in this day and age, science is either black or white so you must prove this by getting your blood work done. Especially before any treatment is considered.
Lets first talk about the nail moons. Over the years, I have been surprised that most people have never heard about the nail moons. The true name for nail moons is lunula. These moons are the crescent-shaped whitish area of the bed of a fingernail or toenail. The moon is located at the end of the nail that is closest to the skin of the finger. It appears white but in reality it is not. If for some reason you ever damage the finger in the moon area, the nail can be permanently damaged.

Most everyone, healthy or not, have moons on their thumbs. So for this exercise, lets not count the thumbs. The thumb moons can however give you an idea of what moons look like, if you don’t have them on the other fingers.

We have found it to be true that when there are no moons or slight moons on only a few fingers, this can mean the immune system is sluggish. It also is a big indication for low thyroid. I remember a lady that came to our clinic with the complaint that she was tired all the time and had trouble loosing weight. When her nails were observed, it was found that she had no nail moons except on her thumbs. After blood work was done, she was put on a natural thyroid. When she came back to the clinic three weeks later for her follow up, she had beautiful moons on all fingers. Her tiredness had improved so she was able to move around more. She was on her way to a healthier lifestyle, feeling better about herself.

Overlarge nail moons can be the opposite concerning thyroid. It can mean there is possibly an overactive problem going on with the thyroid. Once again, you should get your doctor to check your blood work.

A few other things to look for and the possible meanings are:

No color of the nails can indicate anemia.

Yellow or brownish color could indicate fungus, diabetes, use of certain medications, or psoriasis.

*White nail color, soft and crumbly nails may mean fungus.

* Longitudinal nail ridges can be an indication of kidney failure or poor absorption of vitamins and minerals.

*Horizontal ridges may indicate poor nutrition.

*Clubbing of the nails can indicate heart problems, respiratory problems or cirrhosis of the liver. It can also indicate a blood circulation problem.

*Loose nail plates may indicate Raynaud’s disease, Lupus, certain use of medications and chemotherapy reactions.

Bluish colored nails can be that you are not getting enough oxygen. If you have a cough or shortness of breath it could mean some heart failure or chronic lung trouble. Please see your doctor right away.

A brown or black spot that begins at the base of the nail may indicate a clue for your doctor to check for melanoma.

There are many “old fashion” tricks to the trade that doctors are letting go by the wayside. We need to keep these little tricks alive so we can keep ourselves and loved ones alive and well. This is a part of preventive medicine that you can learn and use at home. If you have any concerns, always check with your doctor and let him or her know the knowledge you have.