Get Your Anger under Control

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We get angry and it is only normal. But if you get mad for simple or wrong reasons or if you flare up every minute or every day, something is wrong with you. You are wasting your emotions, you are hurting the people around you, and you are making your world smaller each day. You […]

What to Avoid When You Have Allergic Rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is the swelling or soreness of the nasal membranes. Symptoms include sneezing, postnatal drip, headache, earache, red eyes, itching (eyes, nose, palate, and ears), drowsiness, and others. To manage these, you can do some home treatments or take over-the-counter medications or as prescribed by your doctor. There are also cases […]

Tips to Improve Your Focus

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Distractions are everywhere. No matter how hard you try, you tend to entertain everything that is happening around you. It then becomes difficult for you to concentrate—but you can do some things to increase your focus if you want to. Control your mind. You get distracted because you absorb everything that you see and hear […]

Winter Health Conditions to Look Out for This Season

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While most people welcome the winter season with open hearts, there are an unfortunate few who develop certain conditions during this cold period. Here are some of the most common illnesses that people experience during the last quarter of the year. Heart Problems If you think heart attacks are mainly caused by exerting too much […]

Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Soda? Sugary Beverages Found to Increase Cancer Risk in Women

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Why is it that having a sweet tooth is becoming more and more of a health risk in today’s times? While we already know that cancer is becoming more and more common, it’s just not comforting to know that medical experts are finding more and more cancer-causing agents in everyday things, and now food. A […]

Excuse Me, What? November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

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Across America, in every state, every town or city, there will be that one individual who once carried a vibrant, articulate and larger-than-life personality that is now found sitting stone-faced and distant as an anxious family member painfully observes his or her slow retreat into a terrifying world. The triggers may vary for the onset […]

Fighting Diabetes One Step at a Time: November is American Diabetes Month

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Diabetes is something that most Americans are very familiar about that it can appear as non-threatening. Fact is, if you don’t have it yourself, then it’s very likely that you have a family member or friend who does. As this month of November is National Diabetes Month, you can ask and check whether you’re at […]

Should You Lessen the Time You Spend with Your Smartphone?

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Connectivity is the name of the game for many individuals and businesses today. Almost everyone has a handheld device within their reach and is almost always connected to the internet, whether to communicate with friends, loved ones, and business associates or to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and events. The popularity of mobile devices […]

Get Smart About Sodium [Infographic]

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Eating too much salt can harm your heart. Find out if you’re overdosing on sodium and learn the saltiest foods to limit.   Click here for our Blog Disclaimer.

People With High Blood Pressure May Crave Salt

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This article was originally posted at: Author: Maureen Salamon, HealthDay Reporter May 15, 2013 High-salt diets have long been linked to high blood pressure, but new research finds that those with the condition may have a far greater preference for salty foods than those with normal blood pressure. In a small study of older adults, researchers […]

Medical Researchers Discover Gene Responsible For Regular Epilepsy Type

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Medical specialists have discovered a certain gene that is connected to the development of the most standard kind of epilepsy. This is a prime discovery because it could lead to a genetic exam for the illness. In addition, it was also suggested that the find can provide new insights into other sorts of neurological diseases […]