Habits of Healthy People

Have you ever noticed that seemingly healthy people have commonalities in some of their habits in what they eat, what they do, and how they think? There is that correlation among what you do, what you think, and what you eat in being healthy? Do you agree with that? Well, it’s worth a look –… [Continue Reading]

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Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Work-related Stress

Work has been defined as “any mental or physical activity as a means of earning compensation or wage”. As such, with the physicality and mental alertness needed in various types of work or occupations, one can experience stress due to various factors that are involved in one’s work. This can be due to heavy work… [Continue Reading]

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Boosting your Immune System

I came across an infographic that I think it very timely for the season. If you’re in a cooler state – specifically one where snow sets in at an early date, you will have to boost your immune system because as they say, when winter comes, so does several illnesses.

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