What Do We Know About Childhood Cancer?

Organizations all over the world are struggling to find a cure for such a deplorable disease. It has taken millions of lives and continues to affect more if a proper cure is not created and developed soon. What is worse than cancer among adults is the fact that children can get it to, and the… [Continue Reading]

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Infographic: The U.S. Maternal Health Care Crisis

Amnesty International, an international non-governmental organization that is known for its strong human rights advocacy, released this infographic regarding the maternal health crisis that plagues the United States of America. It is a valiant and timely effort to capture the attention of the general public to this particular concern, as more and more women and… [Continue Reading]

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Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Worth All the Attention It is Getting?

If you’ve seen a video of Vin Diesel pouring a bucket of ice tubes over his head on top of a pickup truck or former president George W. Bush,  Jr. being doused with water by no other than the former first lady Laura Bush, then you have seen what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has… [Continue Reading]

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