Introduction to the War of Medicine Part 1

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Patients who come to our clinic, New Hope Unlimited, are always asking us “Why can’t doctor’s work together using all healing modalities that have been proven to work?” The war between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine is quite lengthy so I am breaking this subject down to 13 separate articles. The first chapter is Introduction to the War in Medicine.

The world we now live in is made of fast foods, fast cars and shallow answers. We all want to learn everything by watching a ½ hour TV program. Instead of really reading articles on the internet, we scan the articles. The world of cancer politics and treatment are not simple subjects, but very complicated. President Nixon declared the “War On Cancer” but it really appears we have not won the cancer war which is lasting for years long.

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making Billions Yearly
Orthodox medicine is well organized, well funded and has control over the news media because of the huge amount of advertising dollars that are spent by the pharmaceutical companies. The doctors involved in alternative treatment for cancer do not have the monetary backing to advertise as heavily as the pharmaceutical companies do. More exposure through advertising keeps their product in front of the people. Pharmaceutical companies make BILLIONS of dollars in profits on their chemotherapy drugs every year. Some people have the ability to “look the other way” for the right price.

Alternative Medicine Seems Disjointed
On the other hand, alternative medicine seems to be very poorly organized, poorly funded, disjointed and persecuted by orthodox medicine. Decisions are, unfortunately, made based solely on what they hear on television. The fact that orthodox medicine has lots of money and alternative medicine is disjoined, has nothing to do with which type of medicine has the best treatment for cancer. Orthodox medicine uses surgery, chemotherapy and radiation while alternative medicine uses treatment plans with names like Breuss Tea, Budwig Flaxseed, Brandt Grape Cure and Essiac Tea Rife Machine. No doubt you haven’t heard of any of these because these aren’t highly advertised in all the medias.

It’s About Power, Money, And Control
This is really a political war, all about money, power and the control of the general public. Orthodox medicine maintains the power they’ve had since 1910. The truth is hidden from the public so they do not know about alternative medicine and treatments for cancer. We have MD’s refer patients to us and become our patients themselves. The problem is that most of the time this is done in secrecy because the MD is afraid of being looked down upon or loosing their referral system from their colleagues.

Over 14 Million New Cancer Cases Each Year
There are 14 million new cases of cancer each year and these are expected to increase by 75% by the year 2030. Only about 3 to 5% of these are attributed to hereditary genetics. Therefore, the 90% remaining may be preventable, not to mention possibly our environment.

The causes remaining are environmental toxins, poor nutrition and other stressors that are incredibly toxic influences on your health. Do your due diligence and research the alternatives for cancer treatments. Just because the pharmaceuticals saturate the media advertising their drugs, just remember that there are alternatives!

Remember, this is the first of 13 articles on the war between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine. Don’t miss installment two, The Foundation of the War in Medicine. Be informed!

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