The Foundation of War In Medicine Part 2

Img c/o pixabay

Img c/o pixabay

Readings from the North Carolina Museum of History on Medicine in the 19th Century, gives light to the foundation of the war in Medicine.

Taking medicine for a fever now is just as common as bloodletting was to cure disease from the Middle Ages through the mid-1800’s. This was considered a last resort and began when Greek Physician Hippocrates claimed that all diseases occur when there is an imbalance of the four body fluids known as humors-black bile, blood, phlegm and yellow bile. This led to bloodletting. George Washington died from being bled heavily as a treatment for laryngitis. Isn’t that an amazing piece of information? At the end of this time period, leeches began to be used. Imagine if the medical community and leech breeders decided they had a good thing going and then abandoned their techniques, causing their incomes to drop and jobs to be lost. If they all conspired to suppress the future medical discoveries, they could maximize their earnings and profits. I know, all of this sounds strange.

Chemotherapy Is A Lucrative Business
This is exactly what didn’t happen in the 1830’s but is what happened in modern medicine in the 1920’s. Instead of bloodletting and leeches, the medical profession decided to stop all medical progress at the stage of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments for profits. Stagnation of progress in treating cancer continues today because the enormously profitable procedures of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation make many billions of dollars every year for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, medical doctors, hospitals, medical equipment makers, TV stations, radio stations, major magazines, American Cancer Society, and the list goes on. Chemotherapy is an incredibly lucrative business for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, to say nothing of all those legal firms out there just waiting to sue for damages caused by these very same pharmaceuticals. Because chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are so profitable, there will never be any progress in the “war against cancer.”

Moss Was Told To Lie
Dr. Sugiura was a true scientist who was made to suppress positive results in cancer research, thus the politics of cancer. This information was gained through the story, as told by Ralph Moss, who was told to stop working on Dr. Sugiura’s story of his work and told not to pick it up again. He was advised the doctor’s work was invalid and totally meaningless. Ralph Moss saw the results with his own eyes and knew that Dr. Sugiura was a true scientist and an ethical person. Ralph’s bosses then told him to lie and ordered him to write an article and press release for all major news stations emphatically stating that all amygdalin studies were negative and that the substance was worthless for cancer treatment.

Ralph did his own investigation and learned the people on Sloan-Kettering’s Board of Directors were a “who’s who” of investors in petrochemical and other polluting industries who made their wealth by investing in the worst cancer-causing things on the planet. CEO’s of top pharmaceutical companies that produced cancer drugs dominated the Board. The Chairman and President of Bristol-Myers Squid held high positions on MSKCC’s Board. Seven of the eight of the hospital’s powerful Institutional Policy Committee had ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The hospital itself invested in the stock of these drug companies. Directors of the biggest tobacco companies in the U.S. held places of honor on the Board. Now doesn’t that just tell it all? Cancer treatment should not be about the money but that is what has happened.

The third article in this series is Case Study of Scientific Corruption. Don’t miss it! I hope this is as enlightening to you as it has been for me.

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