Case Study of Scientific Corruption Part 3

Img c/o Pexels

Img c/o Pexels

In our study of the War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine we have come to the 3rd chapter, Case Study of Scientific Corruption. This article discusses Vitamin C experiments performed by Dr. Ewen Cameron and Linus Pauling, PhD. Dr. Pauling is one of the very few people in history that has won two Nobel Prizes and the only person to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes.

The Beginning Of Using Vitamin C For Cancer

Dr. Pauling became interested in vitamin C and cancer in 1971 and began working with Ewen Cameron, M.D., Ch.B, chief surgeon at Vale of Leven Hospital in Scotland. Dr. Cameron gave ten grams of vitamin C a day to patients with untreatable terminal cancer. Both Pauling and Cameron then compared patients that had the same kind of cancer at the same terminal state who were being treated in the same hospital, but by doctors who didn’t give vitamin C, but instead just gave conventional treatments.

Cameron’s terminal cancer patients lived far longer compared to the ones who didn’t get 10 grams a day of vitamin C. There were multiple experiments done by Cameron and Pauling. The treatment protocol was simple:

  • Pick cancer patients who were diagnosed as terminal.

  • Those who had never had chemotherapy or radiation.

  • Give them 10 grams of liquid Vitamin C every day instead of chemotherapy.

  • Continue for the rest of their lives.

  • Then measure how long they live.

Dr Pauling’s And Mayo’s Results

The results were simple. The patients who took vitamin C lived several times longer than patients who took orthodox treatments with chemotherapy and radiation. Some went into complete remission, just by using Vitamin C. Big Pharma was not happy and it was time for damage control. A smear campaign was instigated to discredit Dr. Pauling that continues to this day. This is also why Big Pharma has been attacking Vitamin C and Pauling for many years. Big Pharma did bogus studies in their attack of the previous findings by Cameron and Pauling. The Mayo Clinic knew the Cameron/Pauling protocol worked and knew that if they followed their protocols they would have the same results, so they never followed their protocols and did not replicate their results. They used incredible statistical tricks to avoid the truth. Three bogus studies at Mayo Clinic did NOT use the same treatment protocol and did Not get the same results even though the Japanese and four other independent studies used the same treatment protocol as Cameron/Pauling and replicated their results! Again, our pharmaceuticals and government at work! Government agencies quote the three Mayo Clinic studies and complain that Pauling and Cameron did not know what they were doing. Mayo Clinic refused to follow the simple protocol…and it was Cameron and Pauling’s fault???

Many cancer patients would rather have a less painful treatment plan, even if their life expectancy is not as long. Many drop out of chemotherapy because they lose interest in a treatment plan that makes them so sick, painful and miserable that they can’t enjoy any of the life they have left.

Pharmaceutical Companies Are A Business

Again, money and profit is foremost to pharmaceutical companies and some good research is halted. Vitamin C is not a cure for cancer, but if it can extend the life of terminal cancer patients by 5 ½ years or even 1 year, that gives them plenty of time to use the natural treatments that do cure cancer. Again, this only makes Big Pharma even madder. If given the choice, I would rather avoid any chemo treatments and feel better in the time I have left for a bit more quality of life. This is a personal decision for each individual, but we all need to have the facts….the correct facts about our treatment.

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