How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Your Mom Has Cancer

From the day we were born to who we are today, our mothers’ unwavering devotion remains. No matter our age, we are forever our mothers’ children, and they will continue to be our support system and voice of wisdom. That said, one of the most painful things in life is finding out that your mom has cancer. More than ever, it’s only natural to want to give her your support, love, care, and devotion in return.

This Mother’s Day, show your mom the affection and appreciation she deserves to help her cope with cancer. Here’s how.

Visit her at the hospital

All moms look forward to visits from their children, especially during annual celebrations like Mother’s Day. If your mom has cancer and is staying at a treatment facility, a visit from you could mean the world to her.

Organize your visit when she’s not exhausted, which usually accompanies conventional cancer treatments. Also, remember that cancer patients need a break from their disease, too. Talk with her about hobbies, interests, and topics unrelated to cancer to remind her of the beauty of life beyond the walls of a hospital.

Come bearing gifts

You don’t have to spend large sums of money on a gift. Some cost-free or inexpensive gifts that boost happiness, relaxation, and stress relief include:

  • Fresh flowers picked from your garden
  • Adult coloring books
  • A scrapbook from you and your children

If you want to splurge, consider giving these Mother’s Day gifts for cancer patients:

Keep in mind that if your mother is undergoing chemotherapy that fresh flowers are not a suitable gift. As a precaution, always speak with your mother’s doctor before exposing her to certain things and substances.

Take your mom out to eat, if possible

It’s important to understand that your mother may not be enthusiastic about eating as much as you would prefer. Mothers in cancer treatment can sometimes experience a loss of appetite, a change in taste, and a recurrent feeling of sickness. Discuss dietary requirements with her doctor ahead of time and ask if you can take her out for lunch. Your mom may not have the biggest appetite, but she will appreciate you for taking her out to Mother’s Day lunch or afternoon tea.

Be her chaperone for the day

As long as her physician approves, your mom might enjoy the sights of a beautiful garden, an inspiring museum, or a nearby cafe. She might even want to visit loved ones in the city and welcome your help in accompanying her. If an overnight stay outside the hospital is possible, accept it since this could help minimize her level of fatigue.

Help her have fun and feel like she’s cancer-free

More often than not, cancer patients want to forget about their worries and live without fearing or hearing the words “no,” “you can’t,” and “you have cancer.” Again, as long as her doctor gives you the green light, offer the option to explore. You can suggest watching a movie or cooking with your mom, but remember to avoid activities that require lots of energy.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to show your mom how much she means to you, especially during difficult times. If your mother has cancer, try these tips to lift her spirits and strengthen her hope during the fight against cancer.