5 Ways to Stay Physically Fit at a Time of Physical Distancing

Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean you stop staying active. There are plenty of ways to stay physically fit remotely and safely amidst the pandemic.

5 Ways to Stay Active During these Trying Times

5 Ways to Stay Physically Fit at a Time of Physical Distancing Image


Do Household Chores Like a Pro

Doing chores has dual benefits. The first would be that it keeps your house and surroundings clean and organized. The second is that it keeps you physically active. Make chores into a fitness routine by inserting a couple of standard exercises in between. Sort your top and bottom pantry alternately incorporates squats. Sweeping and mopping make a great arm workout routine. And moving around some furniture uses similar muscles that are engaged when lifting weights.

Looking for an outdoor setting? Work on the backyard by mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and maybe start gardening. These simple activities can tire you out in a good way– just like exercise. 

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Try at Home Workouts

The internet has made it possible for people to have their own personal fitness classes at home. Follow along to exercise classes online led by fitness experts. There is plenty of free workout series on the internet to choose from. If you already have a personal trainer, ask if they have any live stream workout classes you can join. And if you’re not one who likes exercising alone, you can always video chat a friend to do them with you.


Who said games are just for kids? Play physical indoor games with your family, housemates, or pets is a good way to move around the house and helps you stay away from mental boredom. But be careful! Make sure to move some furniture away if you intend to play with a ball or run around the space.

Go for a Safe Walk

As the lockdown begins to ease, many neighborhoods allow people to start walking again. And while the pandemic isn’t quite over, there is a level of safety to go on walks from time to time. Take every safety precaution when going on walks. Maintain physical distancing guidelines by staying 6 feet away from others walking. Wear a mask at all times as well. 

Exercise Whenever You Can

The general rule of thumb is some exercise is better than none at all. It is understandable that the current situation can take a toll on your mental health, but it shouldn’t take over your life and stop you from taking control of your health. You can small steps just to get you moving. 

Do a number of squats every time you head to the bathroom or do jumping jacks when binge-watching movies or series. Do wall push-ups or five-minute yoga stretching every hour when working remotely. Start dancing to your favorite songs like you were on a night out in town. 

Try anything fun and upbeat to keep you moving. The pandemic may keep you from doing many things, but it shouldn’t stop you from living a healthy and active lifestyle.