5 Simple Ways to Zapping Back your Energy at Work

5 Simple Ways to Zapping Back your Energy at Work


That four-letter word where most of the adult life revolves around in.

An average Joe works 40 hours a week, gets more or less two weeks of vacation per year; if Joe started working at 20 years of age, turn up for work day in and day out without fail, and if he retires at 65, we are looking at a mind-blowing 90,360 hours devoted to making a living.

Research has highlighted seriously disturbing facts about work: 80% of the population being dissatisfied with their jobs, working more than 10 hours takes its toll on relationships, and that work itself is a source of stress in their life and some believe that it leaves them feeling run over by a train. There is also the phenomenon called “karoshi” where a person just drops dead on their desk for working 10,000 hours per year. (Business Insider, 2011)

Well, no one would just want to drop dead on their desk anytime soon. Hence, it is of highest priority that you take care of yourself, because truth be told, that job of yours will be footing the bill on your hospitalization if you fail to take this into consideration.

With the number of hours you spend at work, commuting to and from the office, the time you spend with your family, you are most likely to be left feeling bereft the moment you clock in and sit at your desk. If you find yourself feeling dog-tired at the first hours of work, there is no need to take energy drinks with high amount of sugar or to jug down coffee just to wake yourself.

Here are 5 natural ways for kicking up your energy levels at work.


1. Bust a move midday.

Contrary to many beliefs and lies you are accustomed to that you need to conserve energy in order to perform well, exercising during times you want to just dose off would increase productivity at work. Experts say that engaging yourself in physical activity, even if its as simple as walking, can boost your energy levels.


2. Catch up on some forty winks.

Information overload can drain the last of the energy you are barely hanging onto. Studies made by National Institutes of Mental Health proclaims that a 60-minute power nap can help you recharge, regain focus, and can actually help retain more information. But who has the luxury of 60 minutes of sleep right? An optimal 10 to 20 minute of sleep can still help reverse the mind-numbing effects of overwork.


3. Don’t skip breakfast.

The body needs fuel in order for it to run optimally and having a healthy breakfast does just that and helps set the tone for the rest of the day. Studies show that people who do not skip breakfast have more energy and are in better moods for the rest of the day compared to those who miss this important meal.


4. Reduce stress

For the majority, avoiding stress would mean avoiding work, and it’s counterproductive. Stressing about a lot of issues, worrying and even entertaining fear can leave you both mentally and physically exhausted. Lower your stress levels by going outside your building and taking in the greenery to recharge your mind. Breathing deeply with eyes closed and adjusting your posture can help restore you in a proper state of mind.


5. Stock up on plenty of water

Studies show that even just a slight feeling of dehydration can leave you feeling tired. This would probably be the most inexpensive, least demanding solution to your wasting feeling in the middle of the work day. Have a bottle ready within your reach, so that you can rehydrate anytime within your shift.

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