5 Reasons to Send a Handwritten Thank You Note

While we are more accustomed to saying “thank you” through a digital device nowadays, there are still many reasons to put the effort into a handwritten note.

Surprising Benefits of Handwritten Thank You Letters

National Thank You Note Day is an actual event that happens once a year. But with the following benefits, you should try writing thank-you letters throughout the year.

1. Enhances Mood

Saying “thank you” for what you have could boost your mood because if you focus on you have instead of what you don’t, you can become more aware of everything there is to be grateful for. Scientific research also shows that showing gratitude can have a positive effect on your overall well-being by increasing happiness and reducing feelings of depression.

2. Boosts Physical Health

When your psychological health increases, your physical health isn’t far behind. According to a 2013 study about the link between gratitude and physical health, people who expressed gratitude felt healthier and had a reduced risk of experiencing aches and pains. Further, a 2016 study on patients with heart disease revealed that having a gratitude journal may improve biomarkers related to heart failure morbidity, including reduced inflammation.

Additional studies also show that thankful people prefer healthier activities and seek help for health concerns. The idea here is that when you are happier in life (something which gratitude can provide), you may opt for healthier lifestyle choices, such as eating clean and exercising.

3. Helps You Stand Out

Whether your handwritten thank-you letter acknowledges a gift from your grandparents or is as a relationship-building tactic to thank a special someone who sent you a bouquet, sending a letter to show your gratitude can help you stand out. A handwritten thank-you note is so rare in our digital age that when one is received, it makes a huge statement. It is not a matter of trying to be grandpa or grandma’s favorite (although that’s a sweet bonus), but about sending a heartfelt, handwritten note that says you appreciate the other person.

4. Builds Strong Connections

Technology has made it possible for people to stay connected at all times. However, it might be at the expense of having real relationships. An excellent way to build a relationship and keep your communication open is to express gratitude.

While it is so much easier to send a quick message on Facebook to show your appreciation (and it is better than not expressing thanks at all), a handwritten letter says so much more. Not only does it say “thank you” it also says, “I spent the extra time to write this note by hand because I appreciate you.”

5. Revives a Dying Art

Writing by hand is becoming exceedingly rare as we discover new ways to communicate through screens. Regardless, many of us still love and appreciate a handwritten letter amongst our bills. Handwritten thank-you notes also live longer than digital communication. Many emails go straight to the trash bin after reading, but a thank-you card is something your loved ones can treasure for a lifetime.

Bottom Line: Go Mail or Hand-Deliver That Letter!

Whether it’s because someone remembered your birthday or wedding anniversary, a thank-you letter (even a belated one) is a classy move that will never go out of style.