5 Ways Exercise Influences Better Life Changes

Exercise and physical activities have tons of health advantages. However, staying fit through exercise and constantly moving your body can also affect your daily routine and lead to better life decisions.

Although it is already proven by experts in the health field, having a regular exercise routine or engaging in physical activities is still a difficult choice for some people. Particularly with the advent of new technology, most people tend to live a more “comfortable” life with easy-access gadgets which make life easier. At home, fewer people are doing manual labor, since most appliances have taken over the job. This leads to the “couch potato lifestyle.” Even at the office, employees tend to spend six to eight hours a day sitting down, burning less energy and living sedentary lives.

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What are the added benefits of exercise and physical activities, apart from staying fit and having a healthy body?

  1. Sharper mind
    Regular physical activities help sharpen thinking, improve judgment skills, and increase learning absorption. A daily exercise routine conditions and improves the mind, and at the same time lowers the risk of mental disorders. People who exercise regularly are less likely (around 30% lower risk) to develop dementia or depression.
  1. Better mood
    A regular exercise routine or mild physical activities every day result in a constant release of serotonin, dubbed as the “happy hormone.” Serotonin helps regulate moods and prevent the onset of depression. Aside from serotonin, regular physical activities also release other “happy hormones” like endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller; dopamine, the motivational and pleasure hormone; and oxytocin, or the “love hormone.”
  1. Longer life
    With exercise and proper diet, it is guaranteed that you will have a longer lifespan. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, people having a healthy, active lifestyle via exercise and physical activities generally live longer. It is revealed that people who are active for at least 7 hours a week have 40 percent lower risk of dying early. However, you don’t have to get into strenuous exercises right at the start; even a minimum of 150 minutes a week of physical activity lowers mortality risk.
  1. Lower chances of becoming overweight or obese
    Being overweight is becoming a real problem, particularly in the United States. According to data obtained by Harvard University, for every two hours that women study participants engaged in watching TV daily, there is a 23 percent higher risk of becoming obese, and 14 percent higher risk of developing diabetes.
  1. Improved quality of sleep
    Living an active lifestyle also improves sleep quality, which in turn refreshes your body better for another day of activities. In a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, it is confirmed that a 65-percent improvement in sleep pattern is seen on participants who’ve had 150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. The study also reveals that the quality of sleep also minimizes sleepiness during the day.