Worry and Fear Speeds Up Mortality

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Thank you so very much for spending a little bit of time with me, I really appreciate it. I enjoy bringing things to the table, that maybe normally in your day, everyday life you might not hear. So I wanted to tell you about a paper that just came out October the sixth 2022, which was just a few days ago. And it is a paper that Dr. Justin Xavier Moore, from the Medical College of Georgia wrote, and he is talking about how the wearing the chair of chronic worry, and fear and anxiety can get the best of us, all of us. But mostly he’s talking about the cancer patients he’s talking about, all of this really increases the cancer mortality.

Now I’m going to add a little bit more into it. cancer mortality sounds like it’s something that all of a sudden is just coming on the cancer patient. But it can be for those healthy people like us, or some of us anyway, because we all don’t know if we’re healthy or not the way things are going nowadays. But even for the healthy person, chronic stress is a killer. It is totally positively a bat.

Now, I know you’ve probably heard the word fight or flight, when all of a sudden something scares you. When you jump in you your heart starts racing, that’s kind of a almost normal thing for us. Because it puts us in a flight mode and it protects us, we ramp up and we’re gone, or whatever it is that fights as they say, fight or flight, you’re going to fight or you’re going to run. So that’s a kind of a normal thing. And after we come down calm, all of our responses go back to normal. And our stress hormone, which is called cortisol goes back to normal.

But now what he’s talking about is this chronic stuff, that countless becomes a habit, people begin to learn to live with it, which is not a good thing. Absolutely not a good thing. You know, there’s people who have like this little black cloud that’s over their head all the time. And it seems as though they can never get rid of it. And then all of a sudden, they get rid of it. And I have a friend, I’m just gonna tell you, I have a friend. And she for years, it just seemed like, had the worst luck of any luck there was. And she just everybody would try to help her. And everybody would try to get her out of these problems. And she just became so immune to it, that there was a time period of time that she had no stresses, or stress sores. Everybody had helped her the best they could and got her out of all these major problems. And she was happy, or at least we thought she would have. But then all of a sudden, she would create more problems. And it was it was hard to understand.

So some people live in a black cloud. And they get so used to it, that they don’t know how to cope with being in the form of sunshine. So they just sort of grow accustomed to it and it becomes chronic. Now that’s the times that you really want to start thinking about what is your life all about? Because Dr. Moore here, along with many other studies, absolutely prove that chronic stress, anxiety, worry can pull that immune system down. It can do so much to you. And when everything is compromised, then guess what? Yes, It can bring about cancer, heart disease, strokes. Oh, there’s just a Nothing, numerous amount of problems that can come from. So Oh, and let me just say, I have heard many times now, that stress that we put on ourselves, or worry, anxiety, fear becomes a habit.

We need to break that habit, we need to break that curse, whatever you want to call it, and take stock of our lives. People, you are an amazing human being, you are so important and miraculous. If you could only know how your body really works, then you would be shocked. And you would think about what is it that I can lighten that load, because I need to love myself, I need to take care of myself. If I live longer, look what I can do to help humanity. When I can do to be around my family. There’s there’s reasons to fight for your love is you and I’m talking about the love of you. I’m talking about I am for your life.

The word fear, oh, I was taught years ago, think about what does fear stand for F E A R, false evidence appears real? Well, they say that the only real fear that we are actually born with is the fear of falling. Everything else we make into some large something, and we create something bigger and bigger. And it becomes well think about time that you have didn’t want to answer their phone. You were scared to do this, you didn’t know what to do this. Don’t touch that. Got a break. Just had to throw that in. But, you know, false evidence appears more real and more real, the more you make it bigger and bigger.

Let’s try to change your habits. And think of the good things don’t go to the dark side. The dark side is there it is there wicked, any of us can pull the dark out. I have it. It’s changed that habit. It’s changed that mindset and tell ourselves every day, I’m not going to think that way. I’m going to think about the good. The good things, you know, there’s that story about the darkness. And so we’ve got a room full of people with candles that are not lit, and then one candle lit bit of light. And then they start lighting all the candles, there’s more and more and more light. And then all of a sudden the room is fully lit.

In light, there’s truth. And sometimes if you step away from that chronic stress, like like I play games, sometimes with myself, I’m just telling you the honest truth of how I survive. And sometimes I’ll just kind of sit there and kind of try to pull myself up and in my mind, of course, and look down at the situation. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Is it worth all this? Am I making is my imagination. And believe me, I can have a wild imagination if I let it go. It’s my imagination, really working overtime. It’s important. It is so important for you to get rid of that chronic stress so that you can live to be as old as you want to be. People are dying prematurely. Because there’s not people explaining how to get rid of things. Don’t make it worse.

Now, there is nothing wrong. In my opinion, of getting help. If you need to go see a psychologist, go see a psychologist talking about it’s amazing. Or just a good close friend that you feel that can keep your secrets and just talk it out if you have to. I know when I was a kid and kind of maybe should be a little bit embarrassed to tell you this but as a little kid, I would go blind to pick to Jesus, and sit in the chair, and I would sit on the floor so I could look him in the eye. And I would tell him my problems wasn’t that I was asking him and begging him, I was just telling him what my problems were. That didn’t work.

Well, it made me feel better. And that’s what counts. So if you need to find a picture of a family member, or anything, or your best friend, or a psychologist, or writing it out, sometimes works. But even I have a girlfriend, who haven’t seen her in so many years. But she came to work one day, and we were all there was a Monday and we were all talking about what we’ve done over the weekend. Well, Beth’s told us that she had gone to the graveyard, we are that she died, somebody died.

Now, she explained, the graveyard is where I can go and just cry my heart out, screen, talk it out. My worries, my cares, like my stress. And I can just find any way to see it. And nobody passes judgment. Nobody thinks about it. Because what is most people do when they go to the graveyard, you might, they might be feeling bad. And tie and scared. Not scared, but sad. So that was her safe place. So nobody would judge. Well forget about anybody judging you. If I was worried, I really wouldn’t upset I told you I found a picture of Jesus dark doing it, that was a childlike thing. But I did do that. So I don’t tell people but hey, Judge me if you want, I can get over it. My health is important.

So on these times, there might be the fight or flight who don’t think twice. If there’s something that happens, that fight or flight you do it you get out or you fight, it’s a whole different thing than what we’re really talking about. But the chronic stress, the chronic worry, we have to try our best to get rid of that. Because cortisol levels not working correctly, it causes the rest of all those risky problems. It can even cause diabetes, it can it can cause high blood pressure, it can cause weight gain, can do all kinds of things. But remember, please, please remember who you are, who are the most magnificent creatures on earth.

We think we can decide, we can do complex problem solving. But of course, we can hold on the problems and we can create more problems. Be free, be free, like the Eagles as they say, be free and live your life to the greatest potential. Loving yourself. I hope that I made a little bit of sense in this main thing is chronic stress, absolutely scientifically proven, can increase cancer and cancer mortality. So please take this and think about it.

Sit down and write out what you want your life to be like and how you can change it. But I’m gonna ask yourself to please say out loud and tell yourself how much you love yourself. I know that can be hard sometimes. But tell yourself how much you love you and try to tell at least three people a day. How much you love them. Amazing what it can do for your immune system and it can help somebody else. We need to share love and compassion because we really need it in today’s world. Thank you for listening. And for sticking with me. This vlog love you.