What treatment options do you have after a cancer diagnosis?


Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. I’d like today to take up where we left off yesterday. First things first. When you’re first diagnosed or when a family member or loved one’s first diagnosed. We talked about the fear and the anxiety and not knowing where and what to do. Well, I was just asking that you take a deep breath, think it through and don’t think the world is ending. Get a little bit of education behind yourself.

But be careful with what you find on the internet.

Everything on the internet is not real, true, or for the best things. However, we all love that internet. So, let’s go on into you’ve taken a day off and you’ve thought about it, you’ve gotten your composure up and you think, okay I’m going to listen to what Dr. Branyon says. I am the same person I was the day before I was diagnosed. I just, the only difference is now I have a diagnosis. So, what now? Well, you took that deep breath, and now it’s time to get some treatment. You cannot be in denial and treatment is very important. I do believe in miracles. I’ve seen them happen all many many times. However, in today’s world, sometimes just the diet we’re on, the air we breathe makes it a little bit harder for our immune system to work. Now at some point, I will be talking about the immune system, on what it is. How to help build it up and that sort of thing.

But today I want to go into treatment options. There is a lot out there now. Well, I shouldn’t say a lot.  I am very biased. I will tell you that because I do love science-based things. I believe in black and I believe in white. But through all my years of doing this, I have found that science can’t explain everything. There is some gray in between. But however, I like science. So, when someone is diagnosed, some of the options are traditional medicine. I want to say there’s nothing wrong with traditional medicine. I was taught traditional medicine in the beginning. However, I will be the first to say I think sometimes there are better things than chemotherapy. That old saying one-size-fits-all is not always true and it is hard when you’re killing off a lot of healthy cells and putting the immune system down in order to fight the bad cells. It’s hard for those good cells to stay alive and work. And it’s hard for that immune system to work. But traditional medicine mostly means chemotherapy radiation and surgery.

Then you have holistic. Holistic is more of the old old-fashioned herbs, elixirs, things like that. The body has come differently through the years. So some of the holistic things in my opinion and science-based are not quite as strong as they used to be in a cleaner environment for us. Our environment has changed definitely.

There’s alternative medicine. And that’s a lot of where you go and you can get high-dose vitamin C supplements and that sort of thing.

And then there’s complementary and integrative medicine. That’s where you take traditional medicine and you add in some of the holistic and alternative products.

And then there is what I’m calling the new medicine and that’s the origination medicine. That is where… origination medicine is kind of like it sounds. You’re doing a lot of immunotherapy products, treatments using cellular biologicals of the patient’s own. Nobody else’s tumor, nobody else’s blood, urine, none of that. But it’s using the patient’s own by doing a certain type of immunotherapy without using deadly synthetic drugs. And that type of medicine is proven, it works, maybe not 100 percent of the people.

Nothing works for 100 percent of the people.

If you talk to a doctor, even an oncologist and he tells you or she tells you, “I promise you this is going to work, I guarantee it.” You better pick up your wallet and go find someone else. Everybody is an individual.

And I have to say God has his own plans.

Yes, I believe in God. So I’m going to say has, God has His own plans for us. And then there are people if there was a silver rock and someone said that, “If you swallow that rock, it’ll heal you”, well if that person believes it strongly enough, it may. But I’m not talking about that kind of stuff. I’m talking about true science-based. And we’ll get into more of that type of treatment real soon, but not in this video. I’m trying to keep the video short so they tell me that people don’t like to listen to long videos anymore. So I’m trying. I’m learning. I’m still learning this is all new to me. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and doing the best I can.

But as I go, I’ll figure it out and as long as you help me and give me good criticism, not bad criticism please it’ll hurt my feelings 🙂 But I can suck it up and do it if it means helping you. But, so you’ve had time to think and you’ve had time to think about “Okay I’m going to research this, I’m going to research this on that”. But stay away from some of the statistics because the US statistics, it can scare you so badly and it can give you – take away your hope and I don’t want you –  to let that happen.

Hope is everything, not false hope, we’re not talking false hope. We’re talking real hope.

Tomorrow, I want to give you a story of a patient, maybe a couple of stories about patients we’ve had. The other one thing I want to say before I have to cut this short is sugar. You’ve probably heard that table sugar is terrible for cancer. They have taken cancer cells of all kinds. Put them under the microscope, add all sorts of things to make it to see what will make it grow. They put table sugar under the microscope on top of the cancer cells and guess what, it can replicate immediately. And it can go faster by being fed by that table sugar. So I’m going to ask you whatever you do from this point on. Please wean yourself off of sugar. It is addicting. Now I’m not talking about the fruits. On another day, we’ll talk about which fruits are great for cancer. I can’t stand it. I’m going to have to tell you, eat all the berries you can because it’s got azelaic acid in it and it’s really good for fighting cancer. But I’ll give you much more, a lot more hints and things that we do at the clinic. So until we meet again. I hope you’re having a wonderful day and I hope to see you tomorrow. Thank you.