What to look for in a Doctor (after your Cancer Diagnosis) and the Power of Belief


Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Yesterday, we touched shortly on a few of the treatment modalities that one has to choose from when you’ve got a diagnosis of cancer and that’s the holistic, the alternative, complementary, integrative, origination medicine or simply the traditional chemotherapy and radiation. Well, I hope you’ve had a little bit of time to sit back and breathe and to realize you do have options.

You are a magnificent human being with options.

Sometimes you just need- you along with myself, we all need a little bit of education because education is power. Now, whichever treatment you decide upon, it’s got to be or at least, I hope you will hear me when I say, “I want you to have faith in what you do”. When you go to a doctor, how do you feel with that doctor? Does that doctor touch you to where you feel like you communicate well? Or is he/she just telling you what it’s going to be like? And that’s it. And does he take the time up to explain to you and help you to understand? That’s very important. I believe that medicine in today’s world in the United States has lost its compassion. And in my opinion, medicine is love. If you love someone even if you don’t know them you’re gonna have compassion and you’re gonna do your best to try to help. Well anyway, they don’t teach that in medical school, I don’t think…at least they didn’t me, and my friends, they didn’t. But I believe it and I will always stick by that.

Compassion and love for your patients is important.

And you doctors, if you’re listening to me, I’m gonna beg you, put the compassion back into it and it will make you love medicine all over again because you will feel that patient. But back to what I was trying to say, I sometimes might get off the subject a little bit but I’m just speaking what comes to me and what’s on my heart. But when you go to a doctor, I want you to feel a connection. That’s so important. Because if you feel that connection, you’re gonna have faith that that doctor is trying to do the best he or she can for you. The next thing you need to think about (Sorry, there’s an ambulance going by praying, hope, things are going good for that person or people, sorry).

But anyway, when you start thinking about which treatment, you need to understand fully what that treatment does. What’s that chemotherapy doing?  What’s that alternative medicine doing? What does that immunotherapy doing?  What are the side effects? What are the possibilities? You have to believe in what you do. You have to have a little bit of faith, because for the average person, even if you’re a doctor, sometimes this is stepping out into an uncomfortable zone that you’ve never been to or been in. And you need to have some faith in who you’re going to. That’s important.

So find a doctor and the type of treatment that works for you and you have a connection. When you do that, you’ve got to believe that possibilities are possible. When you feel good about your doctor and when you feel good about the treatments that you’re gonna be getting, is there a gnawing? Is there still that fear? What is in your gut? What is your gut telling you? Now I’m a big believer that our brains appear – can fool us sometimes, and we can have people telling us you got to do this, you got to do that, you can’t do that, you better do this, you can’t do that. And sometimes it confuses us. But I’m a big big believer.

Practice this, if you listen to what’s in your heart, some people call it their consciousness, their heart, their guardian angel, Holy Spirit, whatever it is. If you believe in that, and you listen, that I promise and I can’t make a lot of promises but  I promise you, that will never do you wrong. There’s that built inside of us to help us and that will never do what’s wrong. Now, once you find out and decide on your therapy and your doctor, have faith.

Possibilities are amazing. If you believe in it, it can happen.

If you do not feel good about it, if you don’t feel good and you don’t have that connection, it’s gonna be hard to get well. A lot of getting well is going to be right in up here too. Now don’t get me wrong, treatment is important.  But you’ve got to believe. And if you don’t believe then the possibilities aren’t as viable. So I’m running out of time.  Tomorrow, we will talk more about that because I do want to give you a story about a man named Rudy. See you tomorrow.