The Difference between Remission and Cure


Hi I’m Doctor Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Thanks for joining me today. Today’s topic, I wanna talk about remission and cure. What’s the difference? Now I got a feeling that this is gonna be a long video so we’re gonna do it in parts. So here goes with  part 1.

Back in the old days, now I say that kindly, and if you doctors and I know you’re watching ‘cause you’ve told me. But if you doctors that are as old as I am, remember this, back in the old days, when someone was considered remission, it was because they did not have any cancer left in their body. That’s not like it is now. But many times, I’m lecturing to doctors or patients and all the time, I would get a hand raise and they will ask , “Dr Branyon, why are you not saying the word cure? We noticed you don’t say cure, you always just say remission”.The Difference between Remission and Cure Image

Oh it is such a good question, and the answer just kinda breaks my heart a little bit though. But back in the old days, back to that, when I would, get what they call tumor registries. The tumor registry would send out forms and we would have to fill out everything in the form with that. The form would have the patient’s name and birthday, and I have to go and pull the file and open it up and go through the file and answer the questions. And the questions were things like, “When were they last seen in the office?” “When was their last blood work?” “What abnormalities?” “When was their last x-rays?” “Are they alive?” “What was the date of their death?” And then there would always be a block that I have to fill out for assessment. Those tumor registries would go to a tumor bank that would keep up with numbers. Numbers for the U.S and numbers for the world.

The US numbers, well it would be things like, Oh how many breast cancers for the year 1989? Yes, I’m old but I’m loving it 😉 How many lung cancers for the year 2000? But they kept up with all the numbers of all the different types of cancers, the deaths and hopefully cures but you would never heard about that. And then, so the US would have a number and then those numbers would go over to the World Health Organization, and put it on the world bank. If you can get on the internet and you look at the World Health Organization and you look at the different charts, and I encourage you to do that. But you will see that oh! our numbers that is for healthcare and there is one chart that will show where the US is in healthcare according to all the rest of the countries in the world.

We used to be the mighty and the best, and everybody wanted to come to the US because we were the best. And we were up in the top 5. Oh, I hate to tell you but, go look yourself you will see that we went from here way down on the last few years. Because well, I don’t wanna get political, and I don’t wanna talk about greed. But we need to change our healthcare systems. Doctors you know it. Government, you know it. Please forgive me, this is my opinion, my opinion.

But anyway, it is sad. But we can do better. We can, we can do better. So let’s start thinking, doing better. But anyway, back to remission. Back in the old days, when someone would come to the office and after so many blood works, so many office visits, so much x-ray testing, and everything, and everything there was nothing found in the body. No active cancer cells, no cancer cells anywhere. And guess what, they will consider that remission. Then, the doctors will say “Okay, Miss Jane/Mr Doe, you’re looking very clean but we can’t let it go just yet. We need to do blood work. Once a month. Or 6 months, 8 months maybe 2 years depending on the patient, the problem that sorta thing.

Sorry, my dog’s barking. But then, we would, after so many months of clean blood work and x-rays, then they would go to blood work every 3 months. And then when that shows good, and then they would go to blood work every 6 months. And after a few years of that, they would go to blood works and x-rays once a year unless there were symptoms or problems. Then after 5 years, that patient could be deemed in the “cure”. So remission in the United States back then, meant that when someone did not have any cancer, nothing could be found, by testing, and observation, then they would be considered in remission. And then after 5 years of being clean, that was considered cure. Now in the United States, it is not allowed for us to use the word cure and whatsoever. I heard of doctors being fined and going to jail for considering and calling it cure even in traditional medicine. So on the next video, I want to talk to you about how the US is now with the word remission and cure. So join me for the next one, Thank you.