The Difference between Remission and Cure Part 3: What it Means to New Hope Unlimited and How we do it


Hi I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Thanks for joining me again, This is gonna be part 3 of the difference in remission and cure. We’ve talked about the difference in how the United States did in the old days. How the United States is doing now.

And this part, I wanna talk to you about how New Hope Unlimited does it. So, when patients come to us and they become our patients. We love science. We love black and white. We love… we love to know what goes on with our patients when they go home. When they leave us, we like to believe they still belong to us because they’re part of our family. And you can talk to any of our patients and they’ll explain that part to you. We all do love our people. But when they go home, we believe in still connecting. We’ll have our nurse, our doctors that will be calling once a week for a while, then it goes on out. But we also like blood work. We’ll tell them when to get blood work and usually, it’s a month after they go home, however that can change.

Everybody is different. Everybody’s got a different diagnosis so it depends on that patient.

But let’s say that patient who is doing very well, so we may just get the blood work once a month, and that blood work will be a complete blood count, and a chemistry screen because we still want to make sure those kidneys and livers doing…and all the bodily functions that keep us alive. We want to make sure those are still doing very good. Now, we also will do the tumor marker whichever tumor marker is associated with that patient’s disease problem. We do believe in tumor markers. We’re gonna talk about tumor markers on another video coming up real soon. And then we do believe in doing x-rays.

Now, nobody wants x-rays and we don’t want them either. But we do want to make sure that something is not sneaking up. And we want to make sure that patients are going in the right direction toward remission…cure. So we do believe in x-rays but not constantly. And we’re going to talk about x-rays on another video also. So we like keeping up, in fact that’s the only way we know whether we’re doing good or bad. So we have to keep that patient under our wing in order to know what’s happening. Now, so, when that patient has bad blood work or is not feeling well, then we need to start thinking about what’s going on. So we have to maybe change some things. But now let’s say that patient’s blood work is doing great and they’ve gotten blood work every week, I mean every month for months. And they gotten their x-ray. We don’t do x-rays every month. Only when needed or when it’s time to see what’s really going on. We don’t want to be working in the dark.

We can’t afford that with abnormal cells that don’t know the difference in day and night, and whether you’re sleeping or on vacation or what. They don’t, they don’t listen to us sometimes. So we have to keep track of them. But when all has been done wonderfully and that patient’s blood work and the x-rays, whether it’s an MRI, CT, pet scan, whatever it is that’s being used, comes back completely clean, then that’s when we say the patient’s in remission. We don’t wait and see. If it’s still there but not growing, but still there, we don’t classify that as remission because it can rear-up its ugly head at any moment. So we don’t believe in that.

So remission is when there is no cancer detected by way of lab work and x-rays. Now, if someone with us is in remission, all through the years and believe me, you still want that blood work at least once every six months, at least once a year and you want those x-rays and when you’re with us we will guide you with all of that. We make no money off of it,  but it’s for you to be able to know what’s going on. And to know when to celebrate or when to back off and say, “Oh well, we’re just going to keep going with something different”, we’ll guide you.

But when you have been in remission for 5 years, then that’s when we claim it as cure. You gotta be in cure at some point, but we won’t do it for 5 years. Because we just don’t want anything within that weakened maybe, weakened state to appear. It’s for your own good. And you should think of it as for your own good. In the States, it’s remission even though it’s there but just not moving around or growing. But if it’s still there, it’s got that opportunity.

I hope all of this has helped you to understand the difference in how we work and how the US works, and how other countries, other countries work how we work too. It’s not about the number system. It’s not about hiding how many, in my opinion, it’s not about how many people are going into remission. It’s about what true remission is. It’s about trying to save lives and your life depends on it. So knowledge is everything. If you don’t believe me, research it out. I think you’ll find I’m right. Well, hopefully – depends on which internet you’re going to. But anyway, have a wonderful day, and thanks for being with me.