The Difference between Remission and Cure Part 2: What it Means in the United States Today


Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Thanks for joining me again today. I appreciate it.

Well in our last video we did part 1 of what the difference is between remission and cure.  And we talked about in the old days what remission and cure meant in the United States. Well, today I want to talk about what it means in the United States today. Let’s take an example. Let’s say patient Susan. She has metastatic breast cancer. Or let’s take patient Paul, he has metastatic colon cancer, or you can take anybody, any type of cancer. And they’ve been doing treatment, chemo, whatever treatment they’re doing. And they have completed a round and they’re feeling much better. They’re not vomiting or having problems anymore and they’re really feeling better. So the doctor says, “Okay we need to get blood work and we need to get the x-rays to see how we’re doing”. Well, the blood work might come back a little off or it might come back okay. And then the x-rays come back and wow it’s still there, but it’s not growing. It’s considered stable. Well, stable, not growing but it’s still there. Did you know that they’re still calling that or they are calling that remission.

Just because it’s not spreading and it’s not growing, that in my book, does not mean it’s remission. But that’s what is now the way it works. Like I said in the other video you can’t use the word cure. I think it messes up our numbers now. My opinion, my opinion. But when it comes to being in remission in the way it is in the United States, I don’t like that. It’s in my opinion, sitting on a time-bomb. We all know what stress can do. They say heart disease is a silent killer. I believe stress is the silent killer. Stress can cause high blood pressure. It can cause your immune system to go down. When that immune system goes down, that’s when abnormal cells can pop up, like cancer. Well, to say someone who is deemed in remission. All of a sudden they have a bad day. Things aren’t going great at work. Things just aren’t going good with the kids. Oh, the pandemic thing, and all I mean, we could name so many stressors. Why this life? But we grow from those stressors too. But life’s life and you know we’re human and we let these things bother us.

So let’s say, patient Susan or patient Paul has a really really bad time. A very stressful anxiety time that has nothing to do with cancer. What is it doing to the body? It’s lowering that immunity. It’s stressing out to help these cells and it gives those abnormal cells a lot of “woohoo I can do whatever I want now!”. I know it sounds silly but it’s scientifically proven. Don’t take my word for it, you can read the studies. For some reason, our medical system is not reading the studies now that they’re doing themselves. And by the way all of our really really good studies  are coming from overseas. Which is sad too. But at least we’re getting them.

But it’s scientifically proven – stress, anxiety, fearfulness can make that immune system go down. So if someone is in remission, by way of what the US says, you may not stay in remission. Do not wait and see. You need to be building up that immune system. Now, we at  New Hope Unlimited does not agree with what the US is doing. Call me old-fashioned, I like science. I like black and I like white. I like to know what’s going on.

My doctors at the  New Hope Unlimited are trained to not do guesswork. They like studies. And if the patients are not in remission, by way of no cancer cells, then they’re not in remission until they are by way of no cancer cells, if that made sense. In the next video, I will tell you how New Hope Unlimited does our remission and cure. So hang on for part 3. It’ll be coming soon. I hope I haven’t confused you and like I say, when I say something that could be confusing. Knowledge is everything. It helps you out of fear and anxiety. So if I say something that is confusing, I hate to say this, but get on the internet. Go to the library. Look into some medical books and read some studies.

Find it out. Find the truth, that old saying the truth will set you free. Well, we hope that’s true. It’s not always in today’s world but truth is God’s truth, the truth is not always… man-made truth is not always the real truth. You know what I’m saying. And with that,  I do want to say God bless you. And stay in good health. And stay tuned for part 3 and we’ll talk more about remission and cure. Thank you.