The 5 R’s

Have you heard about the five R’s? The five R’s are Release, Reclaim, Recharge, Reactivate and another Reclaim.

Sometimes our lives just don’t go like we want them to go. So that’s a good time to think about the five R’s. Release. Release the past, release the hurt, the grief, because it serves you no purpose right now. And then reclaim, stand up for yourself and reclaim the magnificent person you are within. Recharge, sit back, be still and listen to that quiet voice within you. That is amazing. It won’t go wrong. Up here can mess you up, and then reactivate, renew your abundance of hope, with hope all things are possible. So don’t stop that hope. And then the fifth, again is reclaim. Reclaim the life you were born to live or want to live.

All things are possible.