Remember who you are: You are a Magnificent Human Being


Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. I thought about what I wanted to say today and I have so much to teach, and to explain and to give you. But today I thought I take just a few minutes and tell you what’s on my heart.

My heart tells me that there is a lot of people out there hurting, there’s a lot of people out there worried, full of anxiety.

Right now, we’ve not only got cancer diagnosis, heart diagnosis, all kinds of medical problems that are running rampant. Heart disease is a pandemic in itself, well no, that’s probably an epidemic here in the states. But there’s so much that seems to cross our paths right now. And now we’ve got the COVID-19 virus and every time you hear a  siren – sorry which I’m hearing right now, sorry about that. But you think about what’s happened to that person and you want to say a little prayer, please take care of them and that’s true. But you, you’ve got the pandemic right now.

Now we’ve got the protests that have gone violent and that’s in just about every state in the U.S. I don’t understand it and I’m not gonna climb to understand it and that’s not where I’m wanting to go because I don’t wanna be political at all in this. I’m, what I’m wanting to say is with all the stressors in life, I still want you to remember who you are.

You are a magnificent human being, a marvelous being.

And sometimes we need to be reminded because sometimes we forget who we are. We were created with a wonderful immune system. And you know, the other day I was sitting outside with my dog Lucy and there was a beautiful songbird, we have a lot of crows here too. But all of a sudden, there was a beautiful songbird. I didn’t see it, but I could hear it and I love beautiful songbird music. And it just made me feel like I wanted to say a prayer and tell God how much I appreciate Him and tell the angels how much I appreciate them looking over me and my family and the patients and yes you might think I’m crazy but I do believe in all that. A

nd I do believe in prayer, we pray for our patients, I pray for my family, I pray for the people that I care about and things that I feel like prayer can change. Prayer can change, just give it a try. But, but anyway, I was sitting there thinking about the bird and how beautiful it was. I just felt like I wanted to say, ‘God thank you and thank you angels for taking care of me and being with me and keeping me safe and help me to do the right things’.

I know it sounds crazy but I do, I do things like that. But I just got to thinking and a thought came to my mind, the birds. I want you to think about the birds, some of them are so small like the little hummingbirds. And have you ever watched a bird somehow, that bird can perch up on a tiny little branch and, and you think that it would bend it, but it doesn’t. But then you think about the storms that they have to worry with. They have predators, they are pretty much out there to whatever and, and they live a hard, harsh life. We don’t recognize that.

But the unseens, take care of even the birds. When the storm comes, they know how to get to where they need to go. They need to know what needs to be done. When animals sense something, there’s something inside of them that know what to do. We have that same thing even greater within us and we just don’t listen. I wanna just, I want you to practice listening to your gut. Our head can mess us up sometimes.

Practice what’s this thing is telling you and your gut. But life storms come, and we can get anxiety but we just need to somehow sit back, take a deep breath. For me, say a little prayer, sometimes I feel like whatever it is might hear me, and sometimes I feel like well, did I just say those words for nothing? We’re all normal. But sometimes there is unseens that we don’t see that can comfort and they are just wanting to let us know and all they want us to do is call upon them… ‘please help me’.

And you will be surprised that what can happen, you may find help comes in odd ways, you may not get your prayer answered the way you want it to be but, it’s amazing what happens just when you give a little bit of belief. Please, please never give up, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of all the negative you hear, whether it’s about your disease, a disease, like the covid, like the violent rioting.

Never give up, take the storms and ride with the wind, just like those birds do. Know that if you look deep, you’ll find great lessons that make you the great core individual that you are. And that core individual is a magnificent marvelous person. I just had to say that, I had to get it off of my chest because I believe in you. You just need to believe in you more. You can do miracle things, just let it happen. Don’t turn to the negative side so quickly. Thank you.