Rebecca and Rudy – Two different stories of Belief


Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. I want to give you two stories today on the topic of believing. Yesterday, we talked about being comfortable with the doctor you choose and the treatments that you choose. And if you finally do feel comfortable and feel okay about the treatments that you’re doing, then you need to believe in them too.

Now, I want to tell you two stories, first of all I’m going to tell you about a lady that believed. Next one I’m going to tell you about a man who could not bring himself to believe.

But anyway, the first one, we had a lady to call us, it’s been about 18 years ago. She had heard about us and she was diagnosed with breast cancer, late-stage 4 breast cancer. She had gone to the oncologist here in the states. She had had surgery, chemo, radiation, nothing worked. She went to Germany for treatments. She went to Peru for treatments. She went to Mexico for treatments, everywhere and nothing had worked. Finally, she called us and explained to us and she had late-stage, and she sent her records. And I have to be honest, I was a little worried that maybe we wouldn’t be able to get her well, and we are always honest and tell the patients and the families what we believe. But no, she made up her mind. She had spoken to some stage 4 cancer patients that had come to us and had gone into remission. So she was bound and determined she was coming. So, I could go on and go in a lot of blank areas but for lack of a time, I’m gonna say that we did the treatments on her and this was 18 years ago. She had late-stage breast cancer that had gone metastasized to the lungs, liver, brain, and bone. She weighed about 90 lbs when she got to us and we had a lot of work ahead of us. It did take, I would say close to a year or well no, I would say a little over a year for us to get her into full remission. Now, that lady has been in remission for all these years. She has moved to Peru and as the last we heard that she was still happy and doing well. Now, I want to tell you that I sometimes really believe that she had the biggest part in her treatment.

She believed.

She had heard and talked to patients who had been stage 4 and went into remission. She believed in that, that it was a possibility for her. Very important.

Now, on the other hand, I want to tell you about a man named Rudy. Now I’m giving you fake names because of privacy but I’ve got to have a name. Okay, so Rudy went to his doctor because he had been having some abdominal pain. His abdominal pain yet his doctor sent him to a surgeon for his abdominal pain. The surgeon said, “I’m gonna need to go in and do an exploratory lap”. That’s where they open up and explore because there’s pain but they can’t find the pain. Well they closed Rudy up. You’ve all heard these stories, but they closed Rudy up and said “Go home, get your affairs in order, this is pancreatic cancer”.

Now, Rudy, all he heard was this is pancreatic cancer, get your affairs in order. His family had heard about us. They brought him straight to us. But Rudy didn’t really want to come. He didn’t want to spend the money. He didn’t think that he could get well because that surgeon had told him he was dying. He would be dead in two weeks. So we worked on him, he came right after surgery so we had to work on his incision. And his incision kept oozing. He had an infection and a lot of things. We sent him out to get lots of x-rays. We sent him out to specialists because it was a little more than what we thought we could handle. So Rudy would get his treatments so we would send him out to see other surgeons, other doctors, get other x-rays. Well in all of that, believe it or not, we found out that Rudy didn’t have pancreatic cancer. I hate to say it, but Rudy had had some abdominal pain and his abdominal pain continued after the surgery. Well, it turned out that we would show Rudy black and white, the lab work, the x-rays, the biopsy report, the other specialist doctors’ reports and we would tell him Rudy there’s something else going on, and this is not pancreatic cancer. We’ve got to clean up the infection and we’ve got to do other things. Well, Rudy had no part in it. He’s like “No, I’ve got abdominal pain. There’s pain hurting. I have to take pain medicines. I’ve got all this oozing from my wound and that doctor told me it’s pancreatic cancer”. I believe it. To make the long long story short. He had such a belief in his mind that it was pancreatic cancer.

And what happened, Rudy couldn’t see any other possibilities.

All he knew was he had pain and he had heard that horrible word “pancreatic cancer”. Well, Rudy did die. Rudy’s family had an autopsy done. And Rudy did not have pancreatic cancer. Rudy died of other complications from surgery and an appendicitis. So, I just give you this story and it is a true story, it’s not made up. This is true. I’ve got so many stories, good and bad. I could tell you that happens in medicine, daily. But your belief system is very important.

Rebecca lived because she believed there was possibilities. She believed if others could do it, she can do it. Rudy died because he did not believe.

All he heard was pancreatic cancer. He couldn’t bring himself into the thoughts of other realms of possibilities. So I’m gonna beg you, do what you can. If you’ve got depression, if you’ve got thoughts that shouldn’t be there, it’s okay. As long as you get some help with it. And in another video, we’ll talk about something that can possibly help. But until then, get to your doctor. Talk to them. That’s important. The mind is so powerful, you can do amazing things and it can harm us too. I hope this helped and gave you some ideas how important belief is. Until tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for listening.