How Fast Can You Go Into Remission


Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. As I was thinking about what topic I wanted to talk about today, I was thinking about what we had done just recently about the difference in remission and cure. Well, it is – all the time when patients will come up to me or one of the other doctors and they’ll ask on how fast you think I’m going to go in remission.

On one aspect is a wonderful thing that they think there is a possibility that they can go in remission cause that is everything. That little train that could when we were little kids, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can woohoo I can, well you know, that works. So if there is hope, there is possibility but not false hope. But so many times they’ll ask and on the other hand I just want to say, you know we all want you in remission, and that is the goal, we want you as fast as possible but no one can say when you’ll go in remission.

I don’t want to get people’s hopes up and we don’t want to let them down. But at the same time, I do want to remind everybody that when, when they find out that they’ve got cancer, you are the same person as you were the day before or the week before. However, people all of a sudden go spiraling down because they’ve changed overnight and I know that some people might not understand but a lot of you do understand and a lot of you, family, caregivers, you understand what I’m saying. It’s important to know who you are, you are a magnificent human being that God created and yes I’m gonna use the word God, created that supreme being made us and in a way that we have an immune system that is supposed to be working good for us. But in today’s world, a kind of slides a little bit because of our environment, what we eat and so many factors that we could talk about which we may one day. But depending on each person is when they will go in remission. No one can say, you’re gonna go in remission tomorrow, you’ll be in remission in a month, oh it may take you a year.

No one can really say that. If you’re, it doesn’t matter what treatment you’re getting if it’s chemo, radiation, alternative, origination medicine, any of that. If it really doesn’t matter, no one can say you’re going to be in remission on such and such a date, I wish we could because that way we could handle things and be better in control but it’s not possible. I want you to remember that when you are a cancer patient, you did not get that cancer overnight, that didn’t happen overnight.

So you sorta need to let go of any anxiety, live every day the best you can with a hope and a prayer that every day your body is changing for the better, not for the worse. And remember it didn’t come overnight so there’s huge possibilities it’s not gonna go away overnight, doesn’t matter what treatment. If any doctor tells you, you will be in remission within such and such a date, oh you better be careful, better be careful, I hate to tell you but it’s true. Only you will know for sure but it did not come overnight so don’t expect it to be healed overnight. Now there is something called spontaneous remission and I really do believe in that.

Miracles happen all the time and I like to tell all of the patients, you deserve one yourself, it’s your birthright think about it! So if you want a miracle, think in that direction, think in the positive side, and try to keep your head out of the gutter, that don’t help anything. But our goal with New Hope Unlimited is to get you and remission as fast as we can. And I’ll tell you later on how we do that, what we do, the reasoning behind it and all of that – it’s just gonna take some videos to get there.

But I love to talk, have you not noticed that and I love to educate, I love to tell you what we’ve seen – we have seen miracles. We’ve done things in New Hope Unlimited that people say can’t be true, we’ve done it and we’ve sent it to pathology to prove it because we like that proof. But I’m not trying to discourage you, but don’t have so much anxiety, just let your life be filled with hope and good things instead of worrying I’m not remission after a week, I’m not in remission after a month, after 6 months maybe even a year.

Everybody is different but I can promise you, we have a great remission – cure rate – we do and saying that I can promise you that looking back and talking to everyone they have a big thing in common. They believed their body could do it, they did not give up, they look life in the eye and said I wanna live, I’m gonna do what it takes, I’m gonna get my head out of the gutter and I’m gonna do it and I’ve got nothing to lose but I’ve got a lot to live for. Hope to see you soon and we’lll discuss more on how to get there. Thank you for being with us.